Take The Norton Townie Test - Part Two

If you weren't sure the first time, see if you really are a Townie.

When I presented my “Norton Townie Test” just a short time ago, it sparked a resurrection of sorts. Townies came out of the woodwork from many parts of the country. Then there were the ones like me who never escaped – er, I mean left - the borders of this town we love.

Many left comments challenging our collective Norton knowledge. That inspired me to create the inevitable sequel, which by its very nature can never be quite as good as the original. But nonetheless, I fearlessly present for your reading pleasure, “The Norton Townie Test – Part Two."

If you have gone swimming in the town pool, you might be a Newcomer. If you took Red Cross swimming lessons in the reservoir, you are most likely a Townie.

If you know the town pool is located at the Everett Leonard Complex, you could be Newcomer. If you ever ate breakfast cooked by Everett Leonard himself at Bristol Farms, you must be a Townie.

If you know Old Red Mill Road is a scenic way, your status as a Newcomer is confirmed. If you ever went “parking” on Old Red Mill Road, then you can claim Townie status immediately.

If put you on the right path to success, you are probably a Newcomer.  If you used “The Path” to skip out of school during the day, you have to be a Townie.

If you remember the day of the fire, you might still be a Newcomer. If you remember with great sadness the day Principal Joe Solmonese passed away, you are without a doubt a Townie.

A Newcomer might recall remember having a fine meal at . A true Townie will fondly look back at enjoying some fries at Armstrong Acres.

If you remember both retired Police Chief Keene and retired Fire Chief George Burgess, you can still lay claim to being a Newcomer. If you happen to know they are cousins, then congratulations on your Townie status.

If you know is a world-class educational institution, you in all likelihood are a Newcomer. If you think it is still a school for women only, you can pin your Townie badge to your chest.

If you remember having an ice cream at Frates Dairy, it is possible you could still be a Newcomer. If you remember eating it while standing next to the old Milk Bottle, you can’t be anything but a Townie.

If you refer to the complex containing Norton’s only super market as the Plaza, you are obviously a Newcomer. If you still call it the old flea market property, you must admit to being a Townie. 

If you remember in its old location, it is possible you are a Newcomer. But if you ever had a milkshake at the old Haskin’s Pharmacy soda fountain, you have Townie written all over you.

Let us know by your comments if you qualify for Townie status or remain a Newcomer, and if you have any other suggested qualifications. Applications for Townie membership will be considered at the next meeting either at John Freeman’s garage or Butch Rich’s house.

Bill Gouveia is a local columnist and a Townie.  He can be scoffed at via aninsidelook@aol.com.

Denise Roberge March 12, 2011 at 11:38 PM
God, I am a townie even though I haven't lived there in 20 years...didn't go far, though, except when I went to college. I still can't get used to no more farms stands in the Oak Street area, the lack of trees in the Grove (it was quite wooded with upaved streets as a kid), Fernandes Supermarket being gone (I worked at the lunch counter as a teen), and how built up it seems, in general. I used to walk to the "Corner Store" on Reservoir St. starting at 5 years old, and no one was worried. Anybody remember the Corner Store? How about the dam? Only the "bad" kids hung out there, but I snuck in a couple of times! Anybody remember the "Sugar Shack" on Hawthorne Rd. or the Grove Association Hall (bingo nights, baton lessons, Brownies, local boys trying to be rock stars)....I remember Ann's Place really well, although that lake seemed like another town to me, being raised in the Grove. We used to ride our bikes all around the Lake and have an ice cream at Frates. I took swimming lessons at the Reservoir (Juniper Beach or first beach) and at some lovely lady's house on North Washington, unfortunately don't remember her name. She may have been involved with Girl Scouts. The Reservoir was the center of life for us Grove folks-swimming, boating, seasonal friends who had cottages, ice-skating, skiing. Also remember going to Camp Edith Reade. I could go on, but I won't! Overall, growing up in Norton was great, so I won't go into any of the less-than-positive aspects!
tracy salvesen March 13, 2011 at 10:42 PM
tracy robinson salvesen does anyone remember robinson's boat and canoe if you do then you are a townie if you know don robinson(my dad) having a halftrack then you ar a newcomer
Bill Gouveia March 15, 2011 at 10:02 PM
We could have a reunion just with all the people who worked at Fernandes! And Tracy, I certainly remember your Dad! And Denise - you will always be a Townie! :)
Penny Wheeler July 03, 2011 at 03:25 AM
Live in a small town in Maine now that reminds me of Norton - I'm a townie - will always have great memories of 108 Barrows st - rode my first horse there - Anne was a good friend - Had alot of good times at Mike's after the games - Anne used to ride her horse at the games - she was the Norton Lancer - her horse and her decked out - I'm from Barrowsville - my parents still live in the same house - used to wait for the bus at Barrowsville post office - my Dad was a volunteer fireman at the Barrowsville fire station (when they had volunteer firemen) - Remember when Henry Dion painted the store red, white, and blue - I remember the Blizzard of 78 - Dions was open - people were hanging out on the huge snowbank across the street - sitting on beer cases - The Portuguese barbecue on Plain st - that brings back alot of memories. Does anyone remember when Aerosmith played in Norton? They were just starting out. Hello to everyone from the Class of 78 - alot of great memories from growing up in Norton!!
Dan Gefis October 05, 2013 at 07:45 PM
How about "One Arm Tony's" bar on Elm Street across from Darrel's house. You could get beer to go on Sunday's in a brown paper bag..Ann of Ann's Place was my aunt. I remember the old restaurant before it burned down. I had my swimming lessons in Lake Winnecunet. Does any one remember King Phillips Cave on Plain Street?


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