Sheila Gaudet
My family relocated to Norton almost 2 years ago now after 11 years in Mississippi so I could take a job as the director of a local youth development agency as my (now) husband was headed back to the area after completing his military pilot training.  It has been a period of adjustment for everyone with a new marriage, new schools, new jobs, new house...the only thing that's remained the same is the dog and the chaos that comes from raising two boys.  Recently I decided that our family was suffering from both my husband and I working jobs with very demanding schedules (as a pilot, he is gone about 80% of the time) and made the difficult choice to cut back to part-time work.  So my current activities revolve around those of my kids (scouts, soccer, school etc) and renovating our house (trying desperately to lose the orange shag carpeting) and trying to find some balance with it all.  I hope some of you can relate!
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