Josh Heenan
Josh Heenan is the founder of Maximum Output (http://www.maxoutput.net), a Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training company. Josh holds his bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Sacred Heart University and currently runs the strength and conditioning for SHU's baseball program. As a competitive weightlifter and former collegiate baseball player, Josh offers a wide array of athletic experience to each of his clients. Along with coaching both teams and individuals for the past 10 years, he understands the value of proper strength training and conditioning to optimize performance on the field. In order to bolster his already substantial knowledge base, Josh has worked as an aide to some of the most recognized names in physical therapy, athletic training, and strength conditioning, and he continues to conduct independent research in the fields of nutrition, rehabilitation, strength, and speed. More recently, Josh has started his Masters degree in Human Movement with a concentration in Exercise and Sport Psychology. By combining his personal and academic experiences, Josh is able to offer each of his clients a balanced and efficient approach to achieving any and all athletic, physique, and health goals. He is certified by the NSCA as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
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