John Bates
I have lived in Mansfield since 1995. I have been active with the Tri Town Chamber of Commerce since 2005, serving as Ambassador, Board Director, Vice President of Membership and, as now as President for 2011. In the Tri Town organization chart, the President oversees the board as a volunteer, while the Executive Director, Kara Griffin, oversees the day to day operations of the chamber. I am very close to achieving my goal of eating in every restaurant in Mansfield without gaining weight! Learn more about Tri Town and its great eateries at www.tri-townchamber.org.
    On the private business front: while I charge my clients for career management services, I try to do at least one pro bono presentation on career-related issues each month somewhere in the area. Because the work I do is phone-friendly, I work with clients all over the country. Learn more about me and my business at www.job-guy.com or via my LinkedIn site www.linkedin.com/in/jobguy.    
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