Brittany Stenfors
I knew from a young age that my passions lay in writing and journalism.  My teenage years were spent writing for my high school newspaper and yearbook, where I received praise for penning non-biased, objective articles on current events, high school happenings, and even some controversial issues.  In college I have found success in writing for several online publications, including my most current- GulfportPatch.com, where I take the time to represent the community in thanking volunteers, covering local happenings, and giving “Gulfportians” the unique opportunity to learn about its history.  With every story I try my hardest to dig until I find the truth while maintaining professional and personal integrity.  In my spare time, I enjoy the occasional coffee/drink with friends, reading books, meditating, and all things nature.  I adore being surrounded by nature and thoroughly partake in learning/trying new things.  “Life is a highway,” and I attempt to seek out all of its side roads. 
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