Mayor of Norton Candidates Selected

Watch for profiles on the faces of Norton.

The nomination period for candidates has come to a close. The people of Norton have selected the following residents as the most giving people in town, in no particular order:

George Yelle
Steve Bishop
Meg Fox
Billy Seaver
Paul Helmreich
Michelle Petersen
Tom Petersen

In the next few weeks, we will profile each candidate on Norton Patch and tell you about ther personal and professional lives, their accomplishments, and what they’ve done to make Norton a great place to live. Then the voting will begin to narrow it down to two candidates who will then have a month to collect votes for $1 each. The person with the most votes will split the fund-raised cash between the Parks and Recreation Department and a charity of their choosing. He or she will also be the Grand Marshall in the annual Norton Parks and Recreation Halloween Parade.

We ask readers to offer any positive thoughts on their nominee but to refrain from posting anything negative about any of the other candidates. Any negative comments will be deleted.

Good luck candidates!


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