Relays for Real Good Reasons

Norton High swimmers and divers raise money for team, Cupboard of Kindness.

Tuesday night, swimmers and divers raised over $1,000 for the team and Norton’s Cupboard of Kindness with a Relay-a-Thon in the pool.

While one third of the team was given donations beforehand, the rest were sponsored per lap and so are still collecting money, which is due Friday.  As of last night, however, the team already earned $1,100 total.  

Norton swim team coach Kim Bray hopes to bring a portion of the money to Cupboard of Kindness Monday.

The team will use the rest for things such as stopwatches, which have to be replaced every year, team caps, deck shirts to wear during meets, end of season banquet, any equipment that needs to be replaced, etc.

"Our supplies tend to dwindle year to year," Bray said.

There were approximately 30 kids who swam. They were divided into five groups of six and swam a continual relay for one hour.

The group who swam the most at 96 relay legs and 192 lengths of the pool was made up of Kyle Aucoin, Kerri Estano, Abby Anderson, Lexi Mercado, Brianna Barrows and Matt Litchfield. Each of the other four groups swam between 78 and 92 legs each. David Aranjo, Lindsay Garrone and Corina Jurczyk also participated in a Dive-a-Thon.

“We'd like to thank everyone in the community who sponsored our kids,” Bray said. “They are helping to support two great organizations in town.”


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