Q&A With Norton XC Coach Kent Taylor

The Lancers Cross Country teams have started the new year with wins against Bellingham.

The boys and girl’s cross country seasons have officially begun, and on Wednesday, both squads earned important victories against Bellingham.

The boys are currently 2-0, while the girls are 1-1. Both teams will compete against Hopkinton 3 p.m. Monday in a home meet. To keep up with the team's schedule and scores throughout the season, click .

Norton Patch caught up with head coach Kent Taylor to discuss the season thus far, as well as his goals and objectives, too.

1.) How many years have you been involved in cross country? Did you run in college or high school? If so, where?

“I have been involved with Norton Cross Country for five years (this is my fifth season).  I ran in middle school, four years of cross country at Taunton High School, and four years of cross country, winter Track and spring Track at the University of Vermont.”  

2.) Looking back to last year, what were some things that you felt worked well for the team?  

“The team was very young last year and other than giving them experience, I wanted them to get more confidence more than anything and coming into this year, the boys have two juniors and a sophomore leading the way. On the girls side there is a junior leading the way with three seasoned veteran captains and sophomores and freshmen following them.”  

3.) What was one of the most memorable meets from last season, and why was it so memorable?

“One of the most memorable meets last season is when the girls beat Medway by one point and the boys lost to Medway by one point. They learned that grouping in cross-country wins meets. It was a meet the girls worked together and the boys learned to work with each other.”

4.) What are your goals and objectives for this season? What do you hope to improve this year and why?

“My goals are to get five runners on the boys side under 6:00 and to have a winning record. For the girls, it will be to try to get better each meet based on their pace per mile in the progression sheet.”

5.) Who're some of the runners that you're hoping will take the next step this year? Are they captains or upperclassmen? Do you have any new runners, and if so, how much do you feel they'll help the team?

“I am really hoping that the juniors and sophomores will step up and lead this team on the boys side. Keep your eyes on juniors Max Marcotte and Billy Sullivan, and freshman Mike Tierney.  For the girls, I am hoping the senior captains: Brittany Alioto, Allison Alioto, and Katio D'Onofrio lead the girl’s team.”  

6.) Is there a certain meet that you and your team are most looking forward to this season? If so, what meet and why?

“For the boys it’s the Dover-Sherborn meet. It should be a very close meet. For the girls it’s the Ashland meet should be a close one.”

7.) Where do you feel Norton ranks among the Tri-Valley League?

“For the boys, they should be around third or fourth out of nine TVL teams. For the girls, they will be seventh or eighth in the TVL.”  

8.) What are some challenges you and your team will face this season?

“Just realizing that the TVL has some very tough competition and understanding that if we are bettering ourselves every time we go out there then improving is all we can ask for.”

9.) Finally, jumping ahead to November and December, what do you hope to remember most about this season and why?

“I am hoping that these athletes realize their full potential and in doing so with determination, they find confidence in themselves and become the runners they had hoped to be.” 


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