Middle School Girls Make it to Massasoit League Championship

Team 17-0 on the season.

The girls middle school basketball team has made it to the Massasoit League Championship game.

They have had a great season, going undefeated with a 17-0 record. Along with the boys, they played their last home game of the season Wednesday. The girls won 30-26 against Somerset. The boys won 38-17. They are 12-5.

The championship game will take place in the school gym 3:45 p.m. Monday, Feb. 11. They will face Westport.


Name Grade Kirsten Loring 6 Rachel Johnson 6 Sarah John 6 Meg Nichols 7 Abby Phelan 7 Abbie Kurtzer 7 Mary Rorke 8 Hannah John 8 Christi Brennan 8 Jenn Caramanica 8 Kam Bowman 8 Shannon Mulligan 8 Kayla O’Keefe 8 Maddie Murphy 8 Brooke Williams 8


Name Grade Luke Combs 6 Rylie Coffey 7 Sam Baker 7 Ryan Hutchins 7 Joe Collamore 8 Jay Allen 8 Jay Morris 8 Brett Gauvin 8 Ryan Mazzola 8 Ben Combs 8 Matt Petersen 8 Jack Veglas 8 Kyle Murphy 8 Mike Sheehan 8 Dan Salvo 8


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