Do the Celtics Have a Championship Left in Them? [POLL]

Journalism assignment by Norton High student Steve Burrill.

Most people don’t think the Celtics have a chance at their 18th championship, but as the eastern conference playoffs have unfolded, the Celtics chances look more and more favorable.

With the Bulls unexpectedly falling in the first round and the Miami Heat losing grip against the Pacers, it looks as if the East is slowly opening up for the Celtics... that is if they are able to get by the 76ers.

Although many people are counting the Celtics out, the Celtics seem to have a little bit of juice left in the tank to try and propel to their 18th championship. The championship hopes are always alive as well as Rajon Rondo is at the helm of the starting five. Rondo has the unique ability to make everyone around him better, and his great vision can make any player on the Celtics a scoring threat.

Most people think the Celtics are too old for another run, but even as they age, Pierce, Garnett, and Allen still provide a significant scoring punch. Garnett and Pierce especially, both having stepped up so far in the playoffs, seem poised to do whatever it takes to get the Celtics another ring. Garnett’s post presence has been unmatched in the playoffs this year, and if he can continue to play at this high of a level, I see it being virtually impossible to stop the Celtics defense.

Another key factor is Avery Bradley, who is easily one of the best, if not the best, defender on the Celtics. Bradley has the innate ability to zigzag any player on the floor like it’s a defensive drill from the fifth grade. Bradley has also showed poise and determination in this years playoffs, as he’ battling a dislocated shoulder injury. The shoulder has already popped out of its socket four times this year, and can pop out at any time, but Bradley still continues to play.

The bench play is another huge reason the Celtics are doing so well. Due to the superb play of Bradley, Ray Allen is able to come off the bench to provide some offensive fire power. As well as Allen, the Celtics bring players such as Keyon Dooling, Mickael Pietrus and Greg Stiemsma off the bench to provide electrifying defense. Peitrus and Dooling are pesky defenders who continuously throw their bodies around for the benefit of the team. Stiemsma is a great low post defender, and was a very important player all year for the Celtics, despite the fact that many people do not know who he is.

Ultimately, the Celtics seem poised to make a huge run in the playoffs. This could be the typical biased Boston Celtics fan, but I see a lot of potential for the Celtics to surprise some people the rest of the playoffs. The Celtics have the leadership and determination most other teams do not have. For this reason alone, the Celtics will have at least a fighting chance to win an NBA title.


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