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Boys Basketball Honored at School Committee Meeting

Recognized for accomplishments on and off the court.

The varsity boys basketball team was honored at Monday night’s School Committee meeting for their accomplishments both on and off the court.

Though Norton fell to Westwood in the first round of the , this was the first season they achieved a 10 game winning streak in the TVL. This is the second time they went 15 - 3. This was the first time the boys played in an outright boys basketball championship since 1988. This was also the first Tri-Valley League title ever as well.

Not only were they recognized for their athletic accomplishments, but in their general character as well.

“That’s all nice to say all those things they accomplished historical things, athletically, but most of them in here take honors and AP courses and challenge themselves in a daily way academically as well,” Liberatore said. “As a teacher and coach it’s something I’m real proud about, that they are going after that history athletically and have been coming in every day in school and really working hard in the classroom too. So I think they are a true definition of the word student athlete.”

Liberatore recounted a story about an away trip. The players exited the bus one by one, and when Liberatore reached the driver, he stopped the coach.

“He said ‘I’ve been driving buses to high school athletic events for over 20 years,” he said. “And that’s the first time every student athlete, every player, thanked me for driving them to an away game.’

“It’s great to win, but to me the character that these young men have is far more important,” said School Committee chairwoman Beth McManus.

Committee member Tom Golota agreed, saying “When you have that character, that good strong character, it takes you through the rest of your life and you’ll be successful in whatever you do.”


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