Yelle Elementary Says Farewell to Longtime School Nurse

Hoops for Heart organizer and school nurse Karen Duross Rogers to pursue home care career.

After Henri A. Yelle Elementary School nurse Karen Duross Rogers said goodbye to every teacher and student one by one Thursday with tears in her eyes, she admitted to being an easy crier. The tears are most likely present again Friday, as her last day on the job is marked as Mrs. Duross Rogers Day.

Rogers was the school nurse for 10 years. What will she miss the most about being the school nurse?

“The kids,” she said, without hesitation. Another passion of hers, Rogers will be going into the home care profession for the second time in her life. 

Known for passing out crackers and promoting sanitized salutations, Duross was also a big part of the American Heart Association Hoops for Heart campaign at Yelle.

“She goes above and beyond,” said Lindsay Pietro of the American Heart Association. “This isn’t a requirement. She’s always been a big supporter.” Pietro was on hand Thursday to give a presentation on healthy eating, exercising and the Hoops for Heart program.

The event is in memory of Caitie St. John, the daughter of Yelle teacher Carol St. John, who died of congenital heart disease in 2008.

Hoops for Heart will be held the week of Feb. 11. Students will obtain pledges and be given 20 shots at the hoop to make a basket. The top boys and girls from each grade will get medals and their names engraved on the Hoops for Heart trophy. Donations will be given to the American Heart Association.

Andrew Mackie January 12, 2013 at 02:52 AM
Karen is so wonderful! She was always a friendly face and was so enthusiastic. What a loss for the Yelle!
Marie T January 12, 2013 at 03:40 AM
Karen was wonderful to my son Matt when he was a student there. Good luck Karen!
Norton Track Team January 12, 2013 at 07:49 PM
Karen was a huge part of the Yelle and wore many different hats.She could never be replaced. Too bad school systems can not show how much they value their school nurses with a salary increase. They deserve more money that is for sure! We will miss Karen.


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