Whiz Kid of the Week: Victoria Weeman

Third grader wins bid to be principal for a day.

Before her elementary school career is over, third grader Victoria Weeman might have enough experience to become a principal.

Victoria, 8, bid in a silent auction at the LGN Winter Carnival last month to become principal at for the day. This is the second time she has won.

On Friday, April 8, Victoria got to cash in on her prize. Her duties included lunch duty, photocopying items, bus duty, organizing grocery bags for an Earth Day project, and, of course, giving her class extra recess time.

“I think it’s fun. I’d definitely do it again,” said Victoria, who is in Jennifer Carlson’s class.

In fact, she said that she would like to be a real principal when she grows up.

“I hope she does become a real principal someday,” said Danielle Klingaman, principal of L. G. Nourse Elementary School. “She already has two days behind her.”


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