Wheaton Says Farewell to Twisted Sisters

Sculpture taken down for safety reasons.

On Aug. 13, Wheaton College bid farewell to the campus icon, Twisted Sisters.

With help from 40 college students, four classes, three professors and local nature artist Patrick Dougherty created the sculpture in 2008. Made of branches, the sculpture resembles rustic huts with doorways and windows overlooking various points of the campus. It was placed near Peacock Pond where motorists driving down E. Main Street could marvel at it as they drove by.

"I answer to the moniker of being an environmentalist and use natural materials during my entire art career," Dougherty said in an interview with student George Kunhardt in 2008.

The sculpture took about three weeks to build, and was only supposed to remain standing for about two years. 

"Because it is temporary, it is kind of a learning piece about community; to create something that is not going to last forever," said one student after working on it.

"I think everything will stay with you no matter what, even if it's not there," said another student. "It will be there in your memory. It's something you can always appreciate."

The sculpture proved to be built to last, however, as it has graced the campus with its presence for over four years. It stayed erected through rain, wind, blizzards and general wear and tear through time. This summer, however, it sustained serious damage. Upon close inspection, campus maintenance staff decided to remove it for safety reasons.

"The piece has been a permanent fixture and focal point on campus since 2008 and we will certainly miss it," said the Office of Communications on the official Wheaton College Facebook page.


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