Teacher Evaluation Rubrics Released

Educators must comply with state regulations.

At the public hearing on teacher performance standards, curriculum director Jennifer O'Neill informed the Norton School Committee that teachers would be evaluated based on four categories: Curriculum, planning and assessment; teaching all students; family and community engagement; and professional development.

While the standards are state regulations, the rubrics may be modified while still meeting Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approval.

“We elected to use the state provided rubric to assess teachers,” O’Neill said.

For curriculum, planning and assessment, the teacher must promote the learning and growth of all students by providing high quality and coherent instruction, design and administer authentic and meaningful student assessments and analyze and utilize student performance and growth data.

Teachers must use instructional practices that reflect high expectations regarding content and quality of effort and work. Educators must engage all students by personalizing curriculum to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs, interests and levels of readiness.

A teacher-family relationship is also important to education. Teachers will have to collaborate with parents to give the best education possible at home and at school. This open line of communication will also be helpful in tracking student progress.

To ensure they instruct to their fullest potential, teachers will have to periodically seek higher learning both in district and out.

“Teachers must go out and pursue development other than those offered in district,” O’Neill said.

Workshops, courses and other means of professional development are tracked by the offices of O’Neill and the superintendent.

For more information visit the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website


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