Special Olympians Honored at Pep Rally

Olympics to take place Wednesday.

Twenty-three Norton students were sent off in style during the Special Olympics pep rally at Henri A. Yelle Elementary School last Friday.

All students of Yelle were invited to the Yelle gymnasium to support their Olympians at the pep rally.

“They were very well behaved,” said Yelle principal Lisa Farrell. “They cheered the olympians on.”  

Norton Middle School principal Michael O’Rourke and Norton police officers patrolman Scott Sweeting and Detective James Franco also supported the athletes. Sweeting even did the YMCA.

Superintendent Dr. Patricia Ansay and soon to be retired fourth grade teacher Debby Soares distributed the special hats and tee-shirts to the athletes.

“It was really something to see how the Norton School Community embraces and appreciates our special kids,” Ansay said.

“I was going for tears and I got tears from quite a few adults,” Farrell said. “It was really something to see and it’s what we’re there for. We are there for the community we’re there for the students, to make everyone feel as if they are part of the community.”

The Olympians include Norton High School students Nick Carusone, Kayla Dumont, Wilmer Fernandez, Lindsey Lach, Sean Lussier, Markcaya Mobilia, Chanel Shumate, Norton Middle School students Daniel Bortolotti, Joey Carroll, Matthew Cobb, Olivia Lefebvre, Sarah Martin, Tyler Darrah, Cameron Farrand, Ryan Gaudino, Brandon Keefe, Tyler Russell and Yelle students Sarah Bates, Juliana Corcoran, Tyler Furtado, Nick Nowe, Dee Dee Sheehan and Iverson Smith.

“That was probably the highlight of my year right there,” Farrell said. “I know we still have a couple more weeks to go, but that was pretty inspirational.”

Following the rally, kids were treated to a few songs to dance to by DJ Colin Ahern from Men Of Many Hats whose service was donated.

“It was just nice to have everybody work so hard, to just take an hour and just celebrate that we do have differences,” Farrell said. “The kids had a great time.”

The Special Olympics will take place Wednesday at N. Attleboro High School. Events include a football throw, pool noodle javelin and more. A champion's breakfast will be held the following Wednesday.


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