Norton Students Place in Bishop Feehan Science Fair

Norton residents Jordyn Renaghan, Bridgit Murray and Emily Golden honored.

Nearly 200 students participated in this year’s Science Fair at Bishop Feehan High School making it one of their largest group ever.  The following students were recognized with awards:

Science Honor Society Award                         
Nicholas Cunha (Seekonk)

MOVE Award                                                      
Cherubin Manokaran (Pawtucket)

Legacy Award                                                     
Sean Gibney (Attleboro)

Young Scientist Award                                     
Lauren Packer (Attleboro)

Excellence in Visual Presentation
3rd Place    Samantha Mazza (Seekonk)
2nd Place   Siri Devlin (Attleboro)
1st Place    Darby Barrett (Attleboro)

Honorable Mention                                            
Alexis O’Brien (Wrentham)
The Effects of pH on the Rate of Apple Browning

Joseph DiMascio (Walpole)
Renewable Energy

Lindsey Smith (N. Attleboro)
Do Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags Keep Food Fresher Than Plastic Products?

Miriam El-Haoui (N. Attleboro)
Does Chlorine Effect the Germination and Growth of Lentils?

Katherine Franklin (Franklin)
How Do Different Household Substances Effect the Heart rate of Daphnia?

Emma Salachi (Mansfield)
What is the Better Method to Preserve the Vitamin Content in Vegetables: Boiling or Steaming?

Samantha Mazza (Seekonk)
Predicting Weather for a Two Day Period Without Technology

Jordyn Renaghan (Norton)
Caffeine and Heart rate

Elaney Marcotte (Attleboro)
Methods Used to Remove Oil from Oil Spills in Oceans

Brittany Chlebek (Foxborough)
Which Brand to Buy

Emily Crawford (Mansfield)
Shine It On Your Shirt

3rd Place                                                               
Bridgit Murray (Norton)
Which Substance Is Most Efficient in Seed Germination?

Kyle St. Pierre (Rehoboth)
Can Different Rotor Designs Make a Wind Turbine More Efficient?

2nd Place                                                               
Emily Golden (Norton)
Microbial Fuel Cells

Samantha Massoud (Rehoboth)
Degradability of Bioplastics

1st Place                                                                
Emma Clerx (Seekonk)
What are the Effects of Point and Non-Point Sources of Nitrogen on Water Quality?

Nicole Steiner (N. Attleboro)
Truth to the 5-Second Rule: Part 2

Best of Fair                                                           
Ian Kelly (Foxborough)
The Miller-Urey Experiment and the Origins of Life On Earth


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