New Testament to Hold Summer Reading Skills Program

Program open to everyone.

 will host Summer Reading Skills Program offered through Boston University Metropolitan College & Extended Education this summer at their 1 New Taunton Avenue campus.  This program is open to all in the community.   

Classes are designed and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development. Programs are offered for students entering Kindergarten (4 and 5-year-olds) through Grade 11. Class sizes are limited and will run three days a week from July 23 through August 26. Class meeting days and times vary. 

Students entering Kindergarten will learn beginning phonics and reading readiness skills, build comprehension, and develop a love of books and reading. This program lays the foundation for a stronger start in reading and school.

Students entering Grade 1 learn to read independently.  They will learn phonics and sight words, build comprehension, and gain the skills and confidence needed for success in first grade.

Students entering Grade 2 will become fluent independent readers. The student will make significant gains in phonics and word-attack skills, fluency and comprehension and will develop confidence and a love of reading.

Students entering Grade 3 will become strong independent readers.  They will develop the comprehension, fluency and long-word decoding skills needed to read longer books with ease, and will build confidence and a love of reading.

Students entering Grades 4 and 5 will make substantial gains in comprehension, long-word decoding skills, fluency and reading speed. The student will complete homework more quickly and easily, be more successful in school and become a strong enthusiastic reader.

Students entering Grades 6 through 8 will make substantial gains in comprehension while increasing reading speed.  They also learn the best way to read textbooks, take notes and study for tests.  As a result, students will compete homework more quickly and easily, get better grades and enjoy reading more.

Students entering Grades 9 through 11 will increase reading speed, make substantial gains in comprehension and learn study skills.  This course is excellent preparation for the SAT, ACT and college.

For more information or to register for the Summer Reading Skills Program, please call 1-800-978-9596.


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