New Testament Christian School First Term Honor Roll

See which students made the grade.

New Testament Christian School in Norton announced that the following students were named to the first term honor roll.

HIGH HONORS (Maintained an average of 94 or higher)
Grade 1
Daniel Babalola, Reese Brennan, Annie Poliquin and Zachery Richard.
Grade 2
Mikey Doucette and Kaitlin Zarillo.
Grade 3
Lauryn Jeffrey and Ellie Piscitelli.
Grade 6
Savannah Howland
Grade 7
Ben Babalola and Shanarah Bargan.
Ana Howland and Julianne Knappik.
Garrett Garofalo
Renee Jobert and Talitha Weston.
Trevor Finney

HONORS (Maintained an average of 86 or higher)
Grade 1
Xenia Gianiotis and Luke Piscitelli.
Grade 2
Aaron Avila, Cole Blanchard and Benji Ikeagwuonwu.
Grade 3
Hope Dyer and Emily Small.
Grade 4
Rachel Cabral, Gavin DeAguiar, Jordan Fairhurst, Ethan Pepoli, Megan Roderick and Tori Weston.
Grade 5
David Avila, Silas Dubay, Jordan Dyer, Noah Jeffrey, Elissia Jimenez and Quincy Thompson.
Grade 6
Kyle Simoes
Grade 8
Lauren Crafts, Ben Dubay, Anna O’Keefe and Rebecca Pierce.
Sarah Darling, Jenna Fairhurst, Kyle Perry and Ashley Weimert.
Galen Garofalo and Caleb Wright.
Hollie Bevis and Halie Perry.
Michael DeLuca, Vanessa Desmarais, Jilliann Larson, Nick Picket, Emmanuel Sutka and Evan Warman.

College acceptances  
Vanessa Desmarais, North Park University, Chicago, IL
Trevor Finney, Becker College, Worcester and Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston.

Shakti Arun, Noah Creney, Colin Denny, Anna Duarte, Josiah Gonzales, Xenia Gianiotis, Cole Blanchard, Michael Doucette, Hope Dyer, Emily Small, Gavid DeAguiar, James Fairhurst, Megan Roderick, David Avila, Silas Dubay, Jordan Dyer, Elissia Jimenez, Grace Small, Quincy Thompson, Benjamin Babalola, Shanarah Bargan, Aissa Burt, Sam DeAguiar, Nicole Pladsen, Lauren Crafts, Shawn Crafts, Benjamin Dubay, Stephanie Cornelius, Hanah Dean, Jena Fairhurst, Julianne Knappik, Kyle Perry, Ashley Pladsen, Ashley Weimert, Brandon Blanchard, Galen Garofalo, Garrett Garofalo, Konnor Michel, Maya Thompson, Caleb Wright , David Boehmler, Vanessa Desmarais, Brendan Jones, David Pladsen and Jilliann Larson.


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