NEASC Commends Feehan for Improvements

Feehan’s two-year interim evaluation report outlined improvements currently in operation.

William Bennett, director of the New England Association of Schools & Colleges, Inc. (NEASC) recently sent a letter of congratulations to Bishop Feehan High School in regard to their swift and earnest response to suggested areas for improvement.

Feehan’s two-year interim evaluation report, submitted as a requirement for continued accreditation, outlined improvements currently in operation in the areas of technology, facilities and long-range planning.

“Already a well-established institution with a fine history and reputation, and one with a singular spirit, BFHS undertook the two-year report process in such a way that notable improvements can be seen already," Bennett wrote. "The two-year report was crisp, well-organized, and clear, with references to major and minor recommendations as well as the multi-year plan and a new strategic plan. This is a school with a sense of purpose and pride in its core values, its students and faculty, and its ethos and culture. The Commission congratulates Bishop Feehan for its work to date and its impressive commitment to self-improvement.”

“Commissioner Bennett’s praise worthy assessment is a testament to Bishop Feehan’s rigorous  curriculum, outstanding facilities and its dedicated faculty and is a real capstone to our 50th anniversary year,” said president Chris Servant ’66, who has participated in the last four NEASC evaluations.


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