Majority of Norton Students MCAS Scores Proficient or Higher

Scores released by Department of Education Wednesday.

MCAS scores were released by the Department of Education Wednesday, revealing that most Norton students performed in the proficient or higher range in all subjects.

Out of 1,506 Norton students, 76 percent placed Proficient or Higher compared to the state’s 69 percent. Sixty-five percent were in the Proficient or Higher category for mathematics while the state is at 59 percent. For science and technology, 61 percent were deemed Proficient or Higher to the state’s 54 percent. The only instances where state percentages exceeded Norton’s as a whole were in the categories for Needs Improvement and Warning/Failing.

The category Norton struggled with the most is eighth grade science and technology, where the majority of students at 43 percent placed in the Needs Improvement category. Forty percent were Proficient, 15 percent in Warning/Failing and 3 percent in Advanced.

Norton's 10th grade class English language arts performed the best with 51 percent of students placing in the Proficient category. Forty-one percent placed in Advance, 4 percent in Needs improvement and 4 percent in Warning/Failing

Complete results can be found at the Massachusetts Department of Education website.


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