King Philip School District Sees Enrollment Increase at HS, Decrease at MS

A new report shows that King Philip High School will see a steady increase in it's enrollment numbers though 2015. KP Middle School and the surrounding elementary school districts are expected to see a decrease over the same period.

With high enrollment numbers being an issue at King Philip Regional High School, a new report shows no signs of a significant decrease for at least the next 3-5 years.

While projections showed that there would be fewer than 1,300 students at KP High School, preliminary figures as of October 1 found there were 40 more students than actually projected, bringing the total students to 1,315.

Currently, the high school has 1,254 students, a difference of 61 students from October 1, 2011.

Now experience the same enrollment bubble that went though King Philip Middle School recently, the high school is expected to be above 1,300 students for the foreseeable future. Projections have the school losing seven students over the next two years before going up 19 students in 2015.

Despite the increase, King Philip School District Director of Finance and Operations Paul Schaefer said at the October 15 meeting of the King Philip School Committee that the high school is seeing the peak of the increase this year and should see a decrease down the road.

Meanwhile at the middle school, enrollment numbers remain in target with the preliminary numbers showing 836 students. The number is a drop of 41 students from the same time last year when KPMS had 877 students.

Unlike the high school, the middle school is expected to see their drop in students continue. A decrease of 43 students is projected in 2013 with four more in 2014 and six more and 2015.

Overall, the King Philip School District experienced an increase of 20 students this year with a projected decrease of 44 students expected next year.  By 2015, the school district is projected to have 2,110 students in both the middle school and high school.

Over in the elementary school districts, the K-6 totals continue to trend downwards despite increase in Plainville and Norfolk. 

Already down 31 students in 2011, the three districts lost a collective 119 students this year to bring the total students in K-6 to 2,667 pupils.

The drop will continue through 2015 with an additional decrease of 167 students predicted though 2015.


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