UPDATED: First Quarter Honor Roll at Bishop Feehan

List of students who made the grade.

*In the original posting of this article, the third honors list was incomplete. Bishop Feehan has since released the list in its entirety, which is below.

Bishop Feehan High School has released the first quarter honor roll.

Due to the new parameters approved by the Academic Board, the list is significantly shorter than previous years. Eligible grades for first honors in the current quarter average to 93 or above, with no grade below 80. For second honors, grades must be an average of 90 or above, with no grade below 80. Eligible grades for third honors are 85 or above, with no grade below 80.

Grade 12
Rebecca Laliberte
Grade 11
Alison Fortier, Kyle Gallagher and Kylie Mendonca.
Grade 10
Emily Golden, Jillian Higgins, Jacob John, Bridgit Murray, Kathryn Saba and Collin Walter.
Grade nine
David Delea

Grade 12
Kara Aries, Heather Bowditch, Dani Callahan, Barbara Churchill, Thomas DeMarco, Victoria Domagalski, Peter Hamill, Lydia Hanewich, Devan Hunter, John Jarbeau, Michaela Lombardo, Mitchell Martin, Alyssa Miller and Jordyn Renaghan.
Grade 11
Colleen Almeida, Delia Calderon-DeJesus, Kerry Desmond, Rachel Folan, Katharine Perry and Lauren Rossi.
Grade 10
Margaret Depont, Isabelle Hanewich, Julia Herman, Julia Renaghan, Kevin Sheridan and Emily Tetreault.
Grade nine
Alexander Domagalski, Sarah Jarbeau, Madeline Jezard, Aria Joseph, Bridget Mulligan, Elizabeth Riley, Christian Secher and Kacey Sharpe.

Grade 12
Christopher Barthe, Caitlyn Clausen, Valerie Nunes, Sarah Olson and Evan Sommerich.
Grade 11
Ryanne Doherty, Nathan Gonsalves, Abigail Greene and Benjamin Ross.
Grade 10
Shannon Brault, Joshua Fortier, Megan Geib, James Giblin, Kyla Prosper and Kelly Sommerich.
Grade nine
Nicholas Botelho, Michael Capprini, Andrea Guinan and John Hunter.


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