Duchaine Receives Top Marks at Southeastern

Norton student to continue education in performing arts at Bridgewater University.

Southeastern Regional announced that Shannon Duchaine has the highest grade point average out of all Class of 2012 Norton students.

Duchaine is a motivated and talented visual and performing arts major. She is headed for Bridgewater State University, where she will major in Theater and English. 

The graduate first visited Southeastern during an open house when she was younger, and knew this school would be a great fit for her. She also knew her whole family had really good experiences as students at Southeastern.

Duchaine experienced a range of student opportunities at Southeastern. She credits Kerri Cooper, Chris Crossensills and Peter Czymborg for their support.

“Without them I wouldn’t have anywhere near the experience I have now”, she said.

They helped her prepare for college by introducing her to a broad spectrum of both acting and technology. As a Southeastern student, Duchaine enjoyed the opportunity of attending the New England Theater Conference (NETC) where she took classes in creative writing.

“I grew a year just from one day of working with professionals in the field,” she said.

For her senior project, Duchaine and fellow student Marissa Galloway organized a one-act play. They auditioned a cast, directed and worked with the technical portion of “Fortress”, which was well-received by students, faculty and the general public. 

Duchaine plans to work in Performing Arts as a lifelong career.

This summer, Duchaine will continue with her favorite pastime: playing the guitar. Employed locally at , where she taught story time with music and theater to children, she will continue her work there as she attends Bridgewater State University.

To incoming freshmen, she has some advice:

“Take the whole high school experience seriously. You really can push the envelope. Be organized to avoid having to rush at the last minute.”


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