Art and Activity Courses offered at New Testament Christian School

Sign-up period drawing near.

Once a quarter, students at , Norton, have the opportunity to sign up for an art or activity period course which includes a community service project, art, physical fitness and photo editing.

“These quarterly, two-hour enrichment courses provide students with an opportunity to participate in a hands-on creative way of learning and serving the community in which we live," said administrative assistant Lisa Carvalho

Students in the Community Service class found satisfaction by participating in a school-wide food drive to benefit Angel’s Hands, a street ministry in Attleboro. 

“Students coordinated the food drive which yielded eight grocery bags full of food to be shared with families in need in the Attleboro area,” said high school English teacher Catherine Howland. 

In addition to collecting the bags of food, students baked over 10 dozen cookies to be delivered with the food.  Students also made cards with Scripture and other encouraging words for the recipients of the food. 

Star Little Feather Herrera, founder of Angels' Hands street ministry, spoke to the class about her experiences. Having been homeless at times in her life, she empathizes with those on the streets and in need.  She provides food, clothing and TLC to numerous women, men, teens and children each year.

Students in Jennifer O’Keefe’s art class had to literally draw themselves out of a paper bag.  That was the theme of the class. Students were given a paper bag and the freedom to imagine what goes in or comes out.

“Students learned about value and the element of texture. This project is a nice addition to the student’s portfolio for college,” O’Keefe said. 

“It was fun," said sophomore Talitha Weston. "I learned about shading and seeing things from a different perspective."

"I had a fun learning experience. I drew a popped paper bag. It challenged my abilities,” added sophomore Connor Silva.

Students in the photo editing course learned how to manipulate pictures using a photo editing program led by computer teacher Skip Denault.

“It was a lot of fun," sophomore Hollie Bevis said. "I learned how to edit and enhance pictures by taking one part of a photo and incorporating it into another.” 

Another student, Deyes Pires, agreed and added that she learned about cloning. 

Students can use what they learned in this class to enhance their school projects as well as just have fun with photos.  In June, there is a full photo editing course offered to students through the school’s J-Term program, a two-week long elective course offered at the end of the academic year.

Another group of students traveled to the Attleboro YMCA to participate in the Fun & Fitness: Problem Solving class.  Students were led by the instructors at the YMCA in various teambuilding activities. 

“These activity periods are a great way to increase the offerings at our school and also helps to change the pace of things at this time of year," Carvalho said.  "Students need to express themselves in a creative way, and they look forward to this time with excitement." 

Students have requested ballroom dancing for the next session of classes in May. 

New Testament Christian School, Norton, is a co-educational Christian Day school educating and equipping students in the Greater Taunton, Attleboro, Norton and Brockton areas for over 40 years.  For more information on the Pre-K3 through Grade 12 programs offered, call 508-285-9771 or visit www.newtestamentschool.org.


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