TELL US: Can the Youth Vote be Swayed?

Wheaton College student tells the Huffington Post that so long as the Republican Party takes a hardline stance on social issues the answer is no.

After last Tuesday's election, studies have shown that young voters continue to lean toward the Democratic Party and had a heavy hand in re-electing President Barack Obama.

An analysis by Center for Research and Information on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University determined that without voters ages 18 to 29 - who made up 19 percent of the electorate - Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Pennsylvania would have been flipped from Blue to Red.

Brian Jencunas, a student at Wheaton College, recently told the Huffington Post that while the GOP might not win the youth vote by a 20 point margin, there's no reason they should surrender it.

"There is a large portion of millennials who are natural Republican voters. They distrust large institutions and instead believe social change is best achieved in the private, nonprofit setting," Jencunas said. "However, so long as the Republican Party is defined by hardline stances on social issues like abortion and gay marriage, it will be unable to capitalize on these millennial beliefs, and will instead continue to surrender the youth vote to Democrats."

Do you think Republicans will ever be able to sway young voters the other way? What do you think is stopping them? Leave your comments below.


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