Seekonk Selectmen Submit Goals

Goals focus on municipal building projects and local economy.

Establishing goals is a common feature for municipal staff, but this year in Seekonk the elected leaders will set them as well. The Board of Selectmen, minus Bob McLintock who was not in attendance, announced their goals Wednesday night.

The goals from each selectmen will be consolidated into one list (with duplicates eliminated) at a future meeting. Selectmen disagreed Wednesday whether accomplishing these goals was the responsibility of the board or Town Administrator Pam Nolan.

Selectman Francis Cavaco's Goals

  • Regionalization of repair and maintenance of fire, police and DPW vehicles
  • Intensify economic development in Seekonk, pursue establishment of committees and consider part-time position
  • Promotion of Seekonk to attract hotel/convention center
  • Review and redevelopment of Industrial Park
  • $150,000 every year to Stabilization Fund
  • Continue to lobby for more Chapter 90 money
  • Lobby for change in distribution of Lottery money

Selectman Nelson Almeida's Goals

  • Completion of Senior Center
  • Secure location for South End Fire Station
  • Work together with business landowners that have vacancies to get them filled
  • Completion of animal shelter
  • Be more business friendly by providing a better sign bylaw
  • Have a multicultural festival as a thank you to our residents, (give back) to our community
  • Veterans Memorial Garden completion
  • Go through the budgets and contracts and, if possible, keep all money spent in our town (support local businesses)
  • Continue to have a good relationship with all Board of Selectmen members and town administrator
  • Set up monthly meetings with each precinct and listen to our residents on a more personal basis and help with concerns they may have, if possible
  • Completion of Banna Station

Selectman Gary Sagar's Goals

  • Provide as appropriate assistance on all capital projects to facilitate completion (Banna Fire Station, Senior Center, animal shelter)
  • Secure location for South Fire Station
  • Continue efforts to consolidate with possible regionalization of services
  • Perform a review of vehicles and equipment at DPW, fire, police and Town Hall
  • Establish a sustainable policy for allocation of new monies from the meal tax and any other sources of new revenue to fund our capital improvement needs
  • Create a Municipal Building Committee
  • Promote the establishment of a full charter review

Selectman Dave Parker's Goals

  • Get the Banna Station issue resolved
  • Relocate the seniors and get the new center redesigned quickly so we can break ground this summer
  • Reallocate space at Town Hall to better serve the citizens
  • Work closely with Save A Pet Society to help move the new animal shelter addition forward this year
  • Work with Finance Committee to provide a yearly capital expense funding
  • Work to use or dispose of empty buildings that we don't need or have any plans for
  • Continue to explore sites for a South End fire station
Terese Bohaxiu-Dicastiglione January 25, 2013 at 12:46 PM
The cost increases for the Banna Fire Station are astronomical! This is a good area for Patch.com to provide some coverage of this issue.
Amy January 25, 2013 at 02:51 PM
They all forgot one, an additional voting location every 2 or 4 years!
Emcee of Seekonk January 25, 2013 at 03:06 PM
With four major projects on the horizon: Banna Fire Station, Senior Center, animal shelter, South Fire Station, there is the great possibility of four surprises relative to price. On the Senior Center, we've been promised it would be paid with retiring debt, thereby not costing taxpayers a cent. However, due to delays we've had to relocate the seniors. A good idea, but it does have a pricetag. On Banna, citizens approved one figure, now it has doubled. Where is that funding going to come from? The Animal Shelter appears to be moving along and on budget. And then there is the South Station, how is that going to be funded, one might wonder? With a hailstorm of taxes coming at us from the state and federal goverments, the last thing we need is overruns on Seekonk's wish list. There is a point in time when the wheels will come off the cart.
deb of see-attleboro January 25, 2013 at 03:14 PM
Forgetaboutit, Amy. It's over Mr Sagar is now one of them...
Amy January 25, 2013 at 03:20 PM
Deb, everyone of them conceded to Mrs. Parker. A simple request that would benefit the entire town and cost 11 cents per voter. Just a simple thing right? Nope, always drama and infighting in Seekonk.


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