Officials Concerned With Union Road Flooding

Flooding near the Shpack landfill has become an issue, officials said.

Norton Town Hall. Patch File Photo
Norton Town Hall. Patch File Photo
Norton officials expressed concern last week due to an increased amount of flooding on Union Rd. near the Shpack Landfill.

Town Manager Michael Yunits said he met with the highway departments in Norton and in Attleboro in hopes of addressing the issue. According to Yunits, the current drain grating is not working near the site resulting in the accumulation of water.

The Enironmental Protection Agency is currently cleaning up contamination at the Shpack site, which is located on the Norton-Attleboro town line . The activity at the site is the likely cause of the flooding.

Selectmen worried the flooding could prove especially hazardous in the winter due to freezing temperatures.

"It really needs to be improved," Selectmen chair Robert Kimball said. "It's dangerous."

Selectman Robert Salvo said he recently visited the area with Highway Superintendent Keith Silver.

"It's going to be a babysitting issue until it gets corrected," Salvo said.


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