Norton Teambuilding Camp Announces Proposed Benefits for Norton Residents

Conservation Commission to hold meeting April 9.

Ken Leavitt of the proposed Teambuilding Camp on Pheeny's Island has been working with selectmen to finalize a series of benefits for the community, designed to promote local access to the proposed aerial adventure course.  

In addition, the camp has proposed to lease the town Parks and Recreation property at 237 Mansfield Ave. for the camp’s mainland headquarters which would locate the entire operation in Norton and generate revenue for the Town. Previously they were planning to base their headquarters just over the town line at 888 S. Main St., Mansfield.

Specific benefits proposed for residents include 25 percent discounts for pre-booked Norton groups.  These groups are proposed to include: Recreation Department programs, , , , church, civic, non-profit, Norton businesses, etc.  In addition, the camp will make available a certain number of scholarships for those with economic hardship.

The lease proposal on the historically underutilized recreation property includes parking improvements and two docks, one for the camp, and one for the public for kayaks, canoes and fishing.  Also proposed are 20 parking spaces for use by the public, and continuation of existing arrangements with and L.L. Bean.

Further details of the Camp’s plans will be presented before the Norton Conservation Commission, Monday, April 9that 7 pm in the Town Library.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend.


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