Meet the Candidates: Board of Selectmen [POLL]

James Dinsel, Bradford Bramwell and Tim Giblin vying for two open chairs.

The annual Town Election will be held Tuesday, April 24. Polls will be open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at
Incumbents Bradford Bramwell and Timothy Giblin are aiming to keep their seats on the Board of Selectmen while James Dinsel is running for one of the three-year terms. Norton Patch sent out a questionnaire to candidates. With the exception of Dinsel, who did not submit a response, here are the candidates answers.

Background on the candidates
Timothy Giblin
Age: 49
Bachelors Degree in Accounting Western New England University, Springfield MA
Masters Degree in Finance  Providence College, Providence RI.

I have lived in Norton for the past 15 years and during that time, also served on the Board of Selectman for two consecutive 3 year terms. I am employed at the Gallery Automotive Group in Norwood MA.

Bradford Bramwell
Age: 59
I’m married to my wife Pauline for 37 years.  We have two adult daughters, Heather Daniel and Heidi Bramwell, with two grandchildren J.J. and Anna Daniel of Attleboro.

I’ve lived in Norton nearly my entire life moving here from Attleboro at the age of three.  Pauline and I live across the street from my mother and youngest brother and his family who live in the house I was brought up in.  I am currently employed by Lyne Laboratories of Brockton in the Development department as a formulation pharmacist where I develop manufacturing processes for new to the company drug products.

Politically I have served the past 3 years on the Board of Selectmen, 11 years on the Norton School Committee, several as Chairman, I have been a member of all Town Manager Search Committees since the town charter was enacted and the position was created.  I have served as a representative of either the Selectmen or the School Committee on numerous other committees including the previous charter review committee eleven years ago and most recently as the Selectmen’s representative to the High School Building Committee.

Why are you running for the Board of Selectmen?
GIBLIN: I am seeking my third term as Selectman because I enjoy participating in the leadership in the community. I believe myself, and the Board as a whole, have worked hard during these difficult times in order maintain the services needed by all individuals living in Norton. Also, maintaining the Board of Selectman as it is currently apprised is important to me as well, as it has had a very good working relationship making positive strides in the community.

BRAMWELL: I am running for Selectman to complete unfinished work including the High School renovations and simply because I enjoy helping people and the town.  I believe I can make a difference to make the future better for Norton.

What Town and/or Board issues do you think should be addressed?
GIBLIN: Decisions in budgeting, policy direction and licensing are always the responsibility of a Selectman. As always, other issues do arise that need to be addressed or implemented. Currently, there are three areas where the Town needs the leadership to manage.

  1. I was involved in establishing the this year, and am currently the Chairman of the committee. Although it is in its early stages, Veterans will now have the benefit of having someone available all the time.  The District is made up of four towns (Norton, Easton, Foxboro and Mansfield) and we meet regularly to ensure the District is functioning properly.
  2. There is currently a developer looking to construct a on the seven acre Pheeny Island.  It will be the responsibility of the Board to review the entire proposal along with our citizens concerns to ensure a proper decision is made. As a Selectman, one must weigh the benefit (if any) to the Town and its community. There have been many questions raised by the community and other committees that need to be answered.  
  3. The other area where we could improve is with the .  Joan and Ruth have done a wonderful job revitalizing the Council and its activities, but the Board should review how we can make it even more enjoyable for our seniors.

BRAMWELL: The single most important issues for Norton or any other municipal government are services and how to fund them.  The only practical way of increasing services that people want and deserve is to increase our tax base through development of commercial property.   Unfortunately, Norton is competing for commercial development with nearly every other community in the state and region.  The Selectmen, through a strong IDC and contacts with state office holders and interests must sell the idea of Norton and its’ unique geographic location to any and all potential commercial enterprises.  We must show the business community that Norton is indeed Open for Business.  If we are successful in attracting good corporate citizen, our current citizens will reap the benefits of expanded services.

How do you envision Norton 10 years from now and beyond?
GIBLIN: As a leader in Norton, I would strive to keep Norton’s small town atmosphere and work towards enticing small businesses to join into our community. In Norton, there is a character that has developed whereby local businesses and residents are always supportive of each other. We must work hard to maintain its charm and also build a larger small business base in order to support our services.  

BRAMWELL: I hope Norton, in 10 years, will have continued to maintain its’ rural charm while balancing that with carefully planned commercial growth.  A town with a more balanced tax base able to provide services to citzens of all ages.

Why should people vote for you?
GIBLIN: I hope Norton’s voters will agree that I have been an active and effective member of the Board of Selectman. I pride myself on being accessible to citizens and respectful of all viewpoints. During my term, I have established good working relationships with each of my colleagues, town employees and other committees.  I believe in placing a strong emphasis on public safety, education and economic development.  

I believe my background and experience makes me the best qualified to serve our community.

BRAMWELL: The reason the voters should vote for me as Selectman is pure and simple.  I have never promised anything to anyone just to get a vote.  My only promise to the voters is to enter every meeting with an open mind, to judge every case on the merits presented to me and make the decision I feel is in the best interest of the town of Norton and its’ citizens.  These are the principles I have lived by since I was first elected to the Norton School Committee nearly twenty years ago and have lived by as your Selectman these past three years.  If the day ever comes when I don’t feel I can fulfill this promise to you and myself, you won’t have the option of voting for me because I won’t be a candidate.


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