Hurricane Sandy Not to Put a Damper on Town Meeting

Norton prepares for hurricane, sets storm date for Town Meeting to Nov. 1.

Town Meeting, weather permitting, is still set for Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Norton Middle School.

The latest track of Hurricane Sandy has the storm pushing farther west according to this morning’s meteorologist reports. The National Hurricane Center has the center of the storm going either into Southern New Jersey or Delaware. If it moves north before going inland, it would bring wind and rain Monday afternoon through Tuesday with wind gusts of 40-60 mph with up to 5 inches of rain. Power outages would be likely. 

In the event of a bad storm that knocks out power, it will be rescheduled to Thursday.

 “If it’s just rainy and we have some wind, but we still have power, we will still have Town Meeting,” said Kimball.

Town Meeting articles with Finance Committee recomendations can be found on the Town of Norton website.

Norton Emergency Management Agency is having a preplanning meeting at noon and will have a conference call with MEMA and National Weather Service. More information on Norton's preparedness will be available then.

National Grid sent out a press release saying they are "preparing for the possibility of high winds and power interruptions next week. Crews, equipment and storm assignments are being readied in anticipation of severe weather."

Norton Police Department will also be utilizing the MyPD app to stay connected with the community.

"Right now we are monitoring the weather reports in preparation of the storm. We will make further decisions when we receive more information," said Norton Police Lieutenant Todd Jackson. "If the storm results in power outages in our area, we have confidence that National Grid will be prepared as well."

The American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Association both offer downloadable mobile apps for first aid, finding shelter and disaster assistance to help the general public. Visit www.redcross.org or www.FEMA.gov for more information or to download an app now. For more information visit www.ready.gov orwww.redcross.org.   


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