2012 Norton Town Election Guide and Poll

A reminder of the candidates and questions on the ballot.

Today is the annual Norton Town Election. If you need a reminder of the races and questions on the ballot, we got you covered.

There are two contested races; and . Both have three candidates and two open seats. Tim Giblin and Bradford Bramwell are seeking re-election for the Board of Selectmen while James Dinsel is also vying for a seat.

While Deniz Savas will be trying to keep his seat on the School Committee, Phillip Lynch and Christopher McMahon Jr. are running against him.

Voters will also decide if the and Town Clerk positions will be or . Below are the questions as they will appear on the ballot.

Question One
The proposed Charter amendment will make grammatical, clerical and ministerial amendments throughout; insert several new definitions; prohibit a town officer or official from simultaneously holding the office of Selectmen or Planning Board; clarify and make the recall process consistent with the state law; clarify the Town Manager’s appointment authority; establish a detailed annual operating and capital budget process; move the Town Manager Screening Committee process and lists of specific positions appointed by the Board of Selectmen and Town Manager from the transitional section to the body of the Charter; and delete unnecessary transitional sections.

Question Two
The proposed Charter amendment will change the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners (The “Board”) from elected to appointed and increase the size of the Board from three to five. Members of the current Board will be authorized to serve out the remainder of their elected terms, subject to their sooner resignation, retirement or recall. Thereafter, members of the Board will be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. To increase the size of the board from three to five, the Board of Selectmen will immediately appoint one member for a term of three years and one member for a term of two years.

Question Three
The proposed Charter amendment will change the position of Town Clerk from elected to appointed. The Town Manager will appoint the Town Clerk, subject to confirmation by the Board of Selectmen. The person appointed to the position of Town Clerk at this election will hold office only until an appointment is made.

Polls are open until 8 p.m. at . Check back for results around 9 p.m.


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