Serious Accident Causes Part of Route 123 to be Closed

Elderly driver transported to Sturdy Memorial Hospital.

*UPDATE* 4:41 p.m.: West Main Street has been opened. The driver was pronounced dead at Sturdy Memorial Hospital. For more information, click here

An elderly driver hit a town plowing truck head on Tuesday afternoon, causing the section of Route 123 near St. Mary's Church to be closed off.

State Police are currently piecing together what happened. Norton Police Lieutenant Todd Jackson said that the road will be opened after they are finished. He estimates this to be around one hour. In the meantime, traffic is being detoured down Power Street to S. Worcester Street back to Route 123.

The elderly driver was transported to Sturdy Memorial Hospital.

Check Norton Patch later for more information.

Kelly A. Mello February 13, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Hi Pam, as I mentioned earlier in the comments thread, Norton Police Department said the man was elderly when I called to get information. They did not have his actual age, so I trusted their information and that is what I put in the initial story. In the followup, found at http://patch.com/A-1Sxz, I put in his actual age.
Catherine Burns February 13, 2013 at 07:02 PM
Thank you so much for the prayers, we certainly need all of them, never can have too much of a really good thing they say :) To the lady above "ROBYN", may I ask please that you contatc tme if you feel comfortable in doing so? I have just a couple quick (private) questions. My email is Cassieburns1106---I use aol.com To you also, ty VERY much for sympathy & support. I was unsuccessful at getting up to Mass from FL; several obstacles, my friend called it "the perfect storm"; apparently alot of places are on school break now and are traveling, huge snow storm and power outages even with family I would have stayed with, people stranded at airports and took seating on later flights, several hotels are booked with help for electric outages from out of state employees that are here due to State of Emergency, and lastly, the cost was enormous and I'm a single Mom who just cannot make it happen. I am going to send a beautiful cross of flowers for my Dad and try my best to help with the funeral expenses for my brother so at least I feel I am helping from afar. I would give anything to go, I finagled, begged, prayed, and even tried to borrow from both Peter AND Paul (lol) as they say. My body may be here, but my heart is there and my Dad & brother know it. Trying to keep good spirits as I have children that need Mom to be strong, they lost a Grandpa and an Uncle. Well, many thank you's and keep the prayers strong for us all-God Bless~~~Cassie
Pam Frazer February 13, 2013 at 07:54 PM
Your situation is absolutely a sad, devastating and tragic one. I know I said it before but even more so now. They say things happen for a reason and we wonder what the reason is. We unfortunately never find out. God has a plan for everyone. I don't know how old your children are but I hope they are okay. I don't live far from the scene but I had to go by it today to go somewhere and I thought of you and your brother. i did not know him but this is a small town so who knows.my heart sank due to your circumstance. I hope you can try to keep up good spirits. Remember only the good die young.
Catherine Burns February 20, 2013 at 06:42 AM
Well that certainly is true Pam, he was one of the BEST. I sadly neevr made it up to either service and today Bill was laid to rest with my Dad. I too saw the pictures and thought it looked almost "minor" as the damage I saw did not look fatal. I have seen much worse. I sadly still have not heard anything from anyone on details fo the accident, cause, etc I am living one hour at a time, that's all I can give at this point until the day comes when this sadness makes some kind of sense. I DO know that they are together and in a peaceful place with my Mom who passed a few years ago at age 52. So my family is there and I will see them again one day, for now, my children and I will miss them dearly and together, somehow get through this heartache, my family would want that for us. TY all for the kind words and may I suggest to everyone; please go hug your loved one a little tighter tonight, be loving and thankful for each other and lastly, Let all learn a little more patience and kindness out of this tragedy.~~~Cassie B.
Pam Frazer February 20, 2013 at 12:15 PM
I am so sorry you could not get here for either service but keep in mind that your Dad, brother and Mom are watching you and know your circumstance. They understand. All you can do right now is live minute by minute and hour by hour. I lost my Mom at the age of 56 in 1999 and my Dad at age 62 in 2006. There is still some pain. When a loved one passes away from something other than natural causes it is hard to ever make sense out of it. I keep seeing the pictures of the accident and I look at them. I as well think it looked "minor" and I wonder if your brother may have had a medical issue and passed out. There are no skid marks which to me seems odd. You would think if he was awake and saw the plow truck he would have slammed on the breaks or somehow try to go in a different direction. Unfortunately in some these cases it takes awhile for them to investigate what happened and the cause of his passing. You may be able to call the Norton Police Dept and ask if they know anything yet or at least have an idea as to whether it was a medical issue etc. They say "Time heals all wounds". I believe some wounds can not be 100% healed. I am sure others think the same thing. Please take care of yourself and children. My Mom always told me "We are living in hell and we will go to a better place".


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