Police Respond To Five Accidents During The Season's First Snow Storm

Two of them caused by fallen tree limbs.

Norton received more than a foot of snow over the past 24 hours, but only responded to five minor accidents during the 12 to 8 a.m. shift. There have been none since then, as of 5 p.m. today, probably because people stayed home.

Fallen limbs caused two of the accidents.

This comes after the , where three inches fell. Police responded to 10 accidents that day.

"Being the first snow of the season, drivers should get acclimated to winter driving again," Norton Police Lieutenant Jackson said in response. "It is important to drive slow and create more distance than usual from the vehicle in front of you.  Brake slowly, in plenty of time to avoid sliding.  Remember to keep all windows completely clear of snow and ice."

The weather was responsible for other problems, however.

"We had six reports of disabled motor vehicles (cars off road or broken down) throughout the early morning hours and extending into today.  We responded to nine burglar alarms, all most likely due to heavy winds," Jackson said.

Through the day, the highway department plowed over 110 miles of road. How did they do on your road? Send your grades to Kelly.Mello@Patch.com.


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