Norton Police Ready for Deutsche Bank Championship

Entire department to be on the clock every day of tournament.

The Deutsche Bank Championship is in town this week, kicking things off with the Red Sox Legends & Friends Pro-Am at 9:10 a.m. at . Though a higher volume of traffic will be travelling in and out of Norton, say it shouldn’t be an issue.

 “There really shouldn’t be many traffic delays during the tournament,” said Norton Police Lieutenant Todd Jackson. “The traffic is steady and usually spread throughout the day. Spectators seem to arrive throughout the day and not all at one specific time, as is for a concert or other event.”

 Parking for the event will be held at the . A parking fee of $10 per vehicle will be collected upon entrance to the Comcast Center Grounds for each day. There will be continuous shuttle service to the spectator drop off location at .

 “The satellite parking lots and shuttles do an excellent job with moving traffic in and out quickly and transporting spectators to the course,” Jackson said. “There will be no detours or roads closed. There has never been the need for it.”

 Jackson does not recall any major accidents in the past due to traffic from the tournament.

 The police department will be utilizing the entire force every day this week. In addition to regular patrols, the rest of the department will be assigned to the tournament.

 Not only does Jackson not expect traffic to get out of hand, but says that the crowd shouldn’t be a problem either.

 “Overall, the crowd is well behaved,” he said. “There are always a few issues with spectators that are dealt with accordingly, and we have had to escort spectators off the property by the end of the day due to unruly behavior."

Want to make sure you don't have a run in with police and security? Here is a list of what isn't allowed and other regulations:

  • No cameras/video cameras permitted after Thursday
  • No radios, TVs, Signs or Banners
  • No alcoholic beverages may enter or leave the Championship grounds
  • No clipboards and item larger than 8” x 12” for autographs
  • No coolers, chair bags, knapsacks, backpacks or bags larger than six inches, with the exception of the provided Stop & Shop bag for volunteers, will be allowed onto Championship grounds.
  • No firearms or explosive devices
  • No step ladder
  • No smoking
  • All mobile phones, PDAs, etc. must be on silent and must be used in accordance with the posted Mobile Device Policy. For more information, click HERE.


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