Norton Police Log: March 17 - 23

The following information was supplied by the Norton Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Saturday, March 17
12:58 p.m.: E. Main Street, suspicious condition. Walk-in reporting a male party urinating outside his vehicle. Area search negative.
7:03 p.m.: E. Hodges Street, motor vehicle accident. Caller reports an animal ran in front of her and she struck her neighbors mailbox. Caller reports she went to the house nobody was home to make arrangements. Minor damage, homeowner to be advised.
8:27 p.m.: W. Main Street, general disturbance. Assistance requested to remove unruly patron. Sent home with sober party.
11:34 p.m.: W. Main Street, assisted State Police with traffic stop.
11:52 p.m.: Walker Street, single car motor vehicle accident. No injury or fluid leaks.

Sunday, March 18
8:51 a.m.: Barrows Street, vandalism to shrubs, headlight and light post in yard. Scratches also found on vehicle.
10:15 a.m.: Barrows Street, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. Nothing stolen. Also vandalism to outside of vehicle. Damage to grill and interior.
1:25 p.m.: Dean Street, assisted the fire department for syncopal episode. Patient transported to Sturdy Memorial Hospital.
3:42 p.m.: Toald Island Road, suspicious condition. Caller reporting there is a vehicle parked at the end of the road with a female in it who she believes may be a woman who ran away from Taunton State yesterday. Taunton Police Department confirm that there was a runaway from the hospital yesterday and she is considered a danger to herself. Area search negative. Vehicle information passed on to Taunton police.

Monday, March 19
6:56 a.m.: Richardson Avenue, domestic disturbance.
4:34 p.m.: Barrows Street, motor vehicle accident. Walk-in reporting that he struck a large rock in the roadway. Operator advised to contact insurance company.
5:11 p.m.: E. Main Street, motor vehicle accident. Five vehicles involved. No injuries.

Tuesday, March 20
1:31 p.m.: E. Main Street, suspicious condition. Caller reports she was away for a week and came home and it appears someone tried to break into her home via the air condition unit. Report taken.
4:23 p.m.: E. Main Street, general disturbance. Caller wishing to remain anonymous reports three young males near the center. One has his shirt off, his shorts pulled down and is making rude hand gestures to passing vehicles. Individuals spoken to and advised to leave.
6:46 p.m.: W. Main Street, general disturbance. Caller reports three females fighting outside the Hess. Two were walking towards the center and another came out of the Hess and started a fight.

Wednesday, March 21
10:07 a.m.: Pine Street, vandalism of a mailbox. Mailbox knocked over. Unsure if it is vandalism or hit and run.
11:18 a.m.: Mansfield Avenue, larceny. Report of employee stealing money. Employee contacted, returned money in full.
2:58 p.m.: Richardson Avenue, assisted Mansfield Fire Department for large brush fire. Permit fire that Mansfield Fire Department deemed a hazard and extinguished.
3:44 p.m.: W. Main Street, assault. Possible child abuse concern.
5:20 p.m.: Sanlin Street, assault. Caller reports her daughter was assaulted on the middle school late bus by another student. Family of suspect to be contacted.
5:23 p.m.: E. Main Street, motor vehicle accident. Caller reported no injuries. Area check negative.
7:26 p.m.: Mansfield Avenue, motor vehicle accident. Transport to Sturdy Memorial Hospital.

Thursday, March 22
4:40 p.m.: King Philip Road, assisted teh fire department. Callers report an overturned boat with persons in the water yelling for help. Report several other boats in the area are enroute to help. While on phone, persons pulled out and enroute to shore. Parties out of the water and accounted for.
5:21 p.m.: S. Worcester Street, two-car motor vehicle accident. Vehicle towed.
5:36 p.m.: E. Main Street, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. Caller reports the back window of her motor vehicle is smashed and items stolen.
8:44 p.m.: S. Washington Street, larceny. Laptop, wallet and some gift cards are missing.

Friday, March 23
12:59 p.m.: W. Main Street, motor vehicle accident hit and run.
1:27 p.m.: W. Main Street, harassment/threats with neighbor.
7:48 p.m.: S. Washington Street, suspicious condition. Wires down. Verizon notified.


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