Norton Drug Busts Not Affected by Dookhan Case

Almost 200 inmates released due to drug sample tampering.

Norton Police said that the current Annie Dookhan case being tried in Boston have not stymied their drug-related convictions.

"We do send our cases to the drug lab, however we have not received any notification of any of our cases being affected," said Norton Police Lieutenant Todd Jackson.

Drug-related cases require chemical tests to confirm a drug-related arrest was valid. 

Norton Police Department could not confirm how many cases were in the lab during the time of the tampering, though added that not many have been going there lately.

"With the new marijuana law being civil under an ounce, it greatly reduced the amount we send to the lab," Jackson said.

Dookhan is accused of tampering with drug samples while working at the State Drug Lab in Jamaica Plain. The state has been sifting through about 34,000 cases handled by the chemist.

Boston.com reports that 195 individuals have been released from prison and their cases put on hold as a result of a Massachusetts state drug testing lab scandal. 


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