Man in Underwear Found on Porch in Norton Police Log: Oct. 6 - 7

The following information was supplied by Norton Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Saturday, Oct. 6
1:10 a.m.: N. Washington Street, suspicious condition. Caller reports around 11:30 p.m. someone rang her doorbell. Caller reports she heard a loud truck leave the complex. Caller reports no other incidents took place. Caller advised to call when incidents take place and to call back if any other suspicious condition takes place tonight.
1:27 a.m.: E. Main Street, general disturbance. Sergeant Desfosses reports off at Wheaton hearing fireworks first hand, will be checking out. Wheaton Public Safety also in area. Call from Officer Matt Gorham reports found location, foot long scorch mark and a hole in the ground a few centemeters deep. They have already picked up debris. Captain Keene contacted advised to have Wheaton Public Safety forward report to Norton Fire Department.
2:01 a.m.: Dean Street, Worcester Street. Police arrested Robert Chancey, 44, of a marked lanes violation and operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor.
11:21 a.m.: S. Worcester Street, animal incident. Caller reports two swans have been struck by a car. Message left for Animal Control. Area search negative.
3:09 p.m.: Owen Road, burglar alarm. Patrolman Ruskey enroute for audible alarm sounding called in from a neighbor. Spoke with neighbor who has a key. Ruskey doing a walk through. Faulty smoke detector on the second floor, it has been removed and silenced.
3:48 p.m.: John Scott Boulevard, suspicious condition. Female into station reports coming home yesterday and finding a male friend in his underwear on her porch. Female’s husband was also home and told her the male got his pants wet so he took them off to dry them. Female is concerned about this male due to attention he pays to her 13-year-old daughter. Female is requesting a log note.
8:05 p.m.: Taylor Court, general disturbance. Caller reports her neighbor is outside tipping over trash barrels and yelling and hitting others. Sergeant Whitfield reports peace has been restored, all parties have returned to their units.
9:24 p.m.: Woodbine Road, suspicious condition. Caller reports seeing a male coming from the woods not wearing a shirt and his pants seemed to be falling off. Area checked negative.
10:45 p.m.: Holmes Street, domestic disturbance.

Sunday, Oct. 7
1:53 p.m.: S. Washington Street, suspicious condition. Caller reports walking on his property and finding a tent and supplies like someone is living there. Requested an officer to check on it and see how to proceed. Patrolman Mahoney reports that the party was advised to discard the property and call us if anyone returned.
11:24 p.m.: School Street, Mansfield. Assisted Mansfield Police Department. Assisted with a burglar alarm at Qdoba. Patrolman McKenney reports building check secure.


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