Mailbox Vandalism in Norton Police Log: Nov. 3 - 4

The following information was supplied by Norton Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Saturday, Nov. 3
1:39 a.m.: Old Colony Road. Police arrested Francis P. Stephen, 26, of State Street, Attleboro, and charged him with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor.
2:03 a.m.: W. Main Street, motor vehicle accident. Edd's Towing driver reports being rear ended at the stop light in the center, no injuries. Patrolman Schepis requests flatbed, also reports the White Honda was knocked off the tow truck. Fire Department requested for fluid leak, antifreeze and oil. Absorbent put down. Schepis reports first wrecker was able to recover original vehicle. Broken tow straps and cosmetic damage to vehicle. Front and rear end damage to vehicle. Possible mechanical damage to tow truck they will inspect. Vehicle that was on tow was totaled.
11:20 a.m.: Downing Drive, vandalism. Caller reports several mailboxes in the neighborhood knocked down along with some artwork that was drawn on his garage sometime between Halloween and today. Request extra patrols during the evening and overnight hours. Caller wanted it noted that he believes the incident happened after midnight.
1:58 p.m.: Taunton Avenue, breaking and entering of a residence. Caller reports she hasn't been to property for about a week and a half; reports vandalism to the inside. Patrolman Robichaud reports damage was the same as the last time they were at the residence, request contact Board of Health to check on residence as most of the damage was self inflicted from the resident and she was advised. Also there are two missing 22 rifles and she has no paperwork on them nor does she know when they went missing.
3:45 p.m.: Dean Street, general disturbance. Caller reports that he hears gunshots. He lives on the Rehoboth/Norton line and the shots are coming from the Norton side. Nothing showing.
4:09 p.m.: E. Main Street, motor vehicle accident. Caller reports her vehicle was struck by a white Kia on E. Main Street at the 495 southbound ramp. Less than $1,000 in damages, no injuries.
5:27 p.m.: Park Lane, general disturbance. Caller reports hunter is right on the edge of her property near Camp Finberg.  She reports it is conservation land. Patrolman Cameron reports he is off speaking with hunter and property owner. Advised homeowner to post no hunting signs on
her property. Hunter was not on homeowner's property, and no signs were posted where he was hunting. Hunters information checks.
5:51 p.m.: Faith Way, harassment/threats. Caller reports he is being threatened by his neighbor. Detective Franco reports both parties have been spoken to and advised of their options.
7:54 p.m.: E. Main Street, suspicious condition. Sergeant Eisnor reports off at the pits behind CSF with a small fire with three males. Fire extinguished and they are leaving.
9:29 p.m.: Burt Street, vandalism. Caller reports that there are two groups of youths on the street. Reporting party believes that they just smashed the mailbox at #65. Also states there was profanity written on his door last night. Area search negative. Mailbox was taken and mail scattered on road.
10:01 p.m.: Burt Street, general disturbance. Caller reports hearing gunshots in the area of Burt Street, between Fairlee and the Norton Glen. Detective Franco reports he is still in the area from the last call and reports large group of people at a campfire on Fairlee. He didn’t hear anything; possibly fireworks.
10:09 p.m.: Downing Drive, vandalism. Detective Franco reports mailbox is damaged and on the

Sunday, Nov. 4
1:37 a.m.: Old Colony Road, assisted Attleboro Police Department. Attleboro Police requesting an officer standby near the line in case they are needed. All of their officers are assisting State Police with motor vehicle stop on the highway.
2:29 a.m.: Mansfield Avenue, assisted Norton Fire Department. State Police reporting 67-year-old male had a possible heart attack. Male stated he was in unit 14 and then all verbal communication was lost. Transported to Sturdy Memorial Hospital.
8:24 a.m.: Norton Glen Road, motor vehicle theft. Walk-in reporting motor vehicle theft from area.
12:59 p.m.: N. Worcester Street, vandalism. Caller reports pumpkin thrown at mailbox, broke off the flap. This may be retaliation for issues her daughter had in school last year with another female.
3:34 p.m.: Hawthorne Road, traffic control. Caller reporting man is lying in the street on the corner of Hawthorne and Island Road.  Has his dog with him. Caller is unsure of what is wrong with the man, but reports he is breathing. Patrolman Chmielinski reports local resident with medical issue. Transported to Sturdy Memorial Hospital.
8:24 p.m.: Harvey Street, suspicious condition. Caller reports she heard approximately 13 gunshots in the area and would like someone to check it out. Sergeant Goodwin reports nothing in area. He did see a group outside near Montione’s Bakery setting off fireworks.


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