Car Egging in Norton Police Log: Sept. 18 - 21

The following information was supplied by Norton Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Tuesday, Sept. 18
1:40 a.m.: Cobb Street, vandalism. Caller reports approximately 10-minutes prior to calling someone egged one of their vehicles. Caller reports as she was outside, a black or navy Altima drove by her as she was in her yard and yelled at her. Unknown if related or not. Caller requested extra patrols for the evening.  Also, yesterday one of her vehicles was keyed.
7:34 a.m.: W. Main Street, motor vehicle accident. Caller reports her daughter’s vehicle was struck in the lot. No description on the striking vehicle, but the caller states there are witnesses there who saw the vehicle. No injuries. Lot was checked for other vehicles with damage, there
were none found. Report taken.
11:12 a.m.: Elm Street, assisted Norton Fire Department. Landlord requesting an ambulance for 60-year-old female who fell on Friday and has been on the floor since then. Unknown on injuries. Patient refusal, health agent will take over.
11:42 a.m.: Lincoln Street, larceny. Walk-in reporting Z7 Matthews brand bow and arrow taken
from his truck.
5:37 p.m.: N. Lakeview Road, assisted another agency. Caller reports tree down and wires down, unknown if live wires. National Grid notified.
6:34 p.m.: Renwick Drive, harassment/threats. Female into station reporting harassment from her ex-husband.

Wednesday, Sept. 19
3:22 a.m.: Old Colony Road, refer to another agency. Large tree limb in the road. Norton Highway Department contacted. Also a snapped wire, pole #2360, doesn't appear to be electrical. Tree removed.
10:39 a.m.: W. Main Street, trespassing. Caller reporting female party in the store who has been trespassed. Staff will allow vehicle to remain there to be picked up later.
11:00 a.m.: W. Main Street. Police arrested Joan P. Grabianowski, 50, of Mansfield Avenue, and charged her with trespassing.
11:23 a.m.: James Street, larceny. Caller reports that she believes two checks were taken from mailbox.
2:28 p.m.: W. Main Street, harassment/threats.
3:01 p.m.: N. Washington Street, motor vehicle accident. No injuries. Area checked negative.
3:05 p.m.: N. Washington Street, motor vehicle accident. Patrolman Cameron reports being flagged down by subject. Less than $1,000 in damages.
8:50 p.m.: Reservoir Street, vandalism. Caller reports she was traveling on Reservoir Street from the Mansfield end, and about half way down, her car was struck by an egg.

Thursday, Sept. 20
2:35 p.m.: Norton Glen Road, motor vehicle accident. Caller request officer to take a report for a someone who stuck her car in the parking lot. Other vehicle is still on scene. Less than $1,000 in damages.
3:43 p.m: Rumford Road, breaking and entering of a residence. Caller reports daughter came home from school and found door open and TV and two cats missing.  Daughter went to wait outside until police arrive. Neighborhood canvas complete.
3:48 p.m.: W. Main Street, harassment/threats at the high school.
5:15 p.m.: E. Main Street, motor vehicle accident. Less than $1,000 in damages. Three vehicles involved.
7:40 p.m.: Power Street, suspicious condition. Party reports her son was just a victim of road rage. He was at Hess with his brother and as he was getting in his car he was verbally abused by a group of boys. They got into a car and followed him bumper to bumper back to his residence and threw a rock at his car. Mother is concerned that the situation with these boys is escalating.
7:50 p.m.: Mansfield Avenue, shoplifting. Roche Bros loss prevention reports shoplifter detained in store.  
8:08 p.m.: Plain Street, breaking and entering of a residence. Caller reports possible house break in progress at her next door neighbors.  Son is housesitting and heard noises upstairs.
Sergeant Eisnor reports spoke to next door neighbors and searched house, no signs of entry.
8:30 p.m.: Mansfield Avenue. Police arrested Jennifer M. Rossetti, 29, of Reservoir Street, and charged her with shoplifting by asportation.
9:26 p.m.: W. Main Street, field investigation. Patrolman King reports off at Hess for a field investigation. Spoke to the assistant manager in regards to the incident that took place earlier in the evening with the kids loitering causing problems. He has been advised over trepasses issues and the manager will be contacting King.

Friday, Sept. 21
12:50 a.m.: S. Worcester Street/Maple Street, animal incident. Assistance needed in getting a swan out of the middle of the road.  
9:29 a.m.: E. Main Street, fraud/embezzlement. Caller requested officer to location for an ongoing issue with fraud.
2:26 p.m.: W. Main Street, suspicious condition. Caller reports finding a syringe and blood in the bathroom, sending an officer to gather the syringe.
7:37 p.m.: Pleasant Street, suspicious condition. Caller reports young children are wearing black clothing and lying in the street at the corner of Pleasant Street and Noyes Street. Patrolman Schleicher reports he spoke with two 13 year old males on scooters who have been advised.


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