Breaking and Entering in Norton Police Log: Dec. 24 - 28

The following information was supplied by Norton Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Thursday, Dec. 24
8:25 a.m.: New Taunton Avenue, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. Caller reports three unlocked vehicles were gone through overnight. Spare change and sunglasses were taken.
10:33 a.m.: Norton Glen Road. Police arrested Christopher A. Cunniff, 26, of Norton Glen Road, and charged him with four counts of breaking and entering at nighttime for a felony, more than $250 in larceny, three counts of receiving less than $250 in stolen property and fugitive from justice on court warrant.
11:21 a.m.: Jacob’s Way, domestic disturbance.
3:46 p.m.: Ledge Road, larceny. Caller reports his bmx bike was stolen from his girlfriend’s back yard. He reports bike is very distinctive looking, black bike, red rims with a Coach bag symbol on seat. Bike was taken sometime in the last week.
10:10 p.m.: Mansfield Avenue, domestic disturbance.

Friday, Dec. 25
12:52 a.m.: Elm Street, motor vehicle accident. Caller reports a loud bang and a vehicle sped off, unsure what he hit. Patrolman Francis reports a mailbox taken down. Debris moved off the road. Area search negative.
12:10 p.m.: S. Worcester Street, assisted Norton Fire Department. Caller reports his 77-year-old mother is unresponsive but breathing. Caller states patient has a history of seizures. Transported to Sturdy Memorial Hospital.
9:57 p.m.: E. Main Street, suspicious condition. Patrolman Francis reports off with Patrolman Young behind Bernie and Phyll's checking on a red Toyota. Young reports 94C destroyed on the ground. Subjects were warned if they are found on the property again they will be charged with trespassing.

Saturday, Dec. 26
5:47 a.m.: E. Hodges Street, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle.
8:58 a.m.: W. Main Street, vandalism. Patrolman Greco reports damage to the north-west corner of the lawn.
9:05 a.m.: E. Main Street, motor vehicle accident. No reported injuries. Both vehicles towed.
1:19 p.m.: Taunton Avenue, harassment/threats.
2:07 p.m.: Taunton Avenue, assisted Taunton Police Department with hit and run. Area search negative.
2:23 p.m.: Young Avenue, general services. Neighbor requesting the police check the driveway at above. He reports the homeowner has removed the driveway reflectors and replaced them with steel spikes and stakes. He considers this a hazard. Patrolman Greco reports spoke to both parties; they do not get along. Homeowner will be removing them. Also stakes were installed due to neighbor backing up and damaging his lawn.
10:39 p.m.: Old Taunton Avenue, vandalism. Caller reports his house was egged. He says it was also egged Oct. 31 and Dec. 22.

Sunday, Dec. 27
8:16 a.m.: Fordham Drive, vandalism. Caller reports his house has been egged and paintballed several times in the last few months. He reports it was egged again last night and this was the second time since Christmas vacation started. Also he reports they are always white eggs.
8:13 a.m.: Old Colony Road, assisted Norton Fire Department for odor in building. Odor coming from refrigeration unit in the basement. Health Agent reports the landlord will be cleaning out the fridge or rotten meat.
9:10 a.m.: S. Washington Street, motor vehicle theft. Red Chevy Impala.
7:08 p.m.: W. Main Street, breaking and entering of a residence. Caller reports she just got home from work and her house has been broken into. Basement door was kicked in, jewelry box and laptop are missing.  Patrolman Greco will be canvassing the yard and neighborhood. Area search negative.
10:30 p.m.: Strawstone Lane, general disturbance. Caller reports noise complaint. Patrolman Schleicher reports occupants in the house, nobody will answer the door. Sergeant Eisnor reports they have a unsecured rear door they are entering. Transported several people to station. Patrolman Schleicher reports homeowner has been advised and house has been secured.

Monday, Dec. 28
2:28 p.m.: N. Worcester Street, larceny. Walk-in with larceny of a snowblower that occurred sometime over the year.


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