VHS Classes Offer Something Different at NHS

Letter to the editor from NHS student Melody Boudreau as a journalism assignment.

To the Editor,

Most students don't like to stand up in front of a class of 24 and present a project; so what would you say if there was a class where you are guarenteed to not have any presentations? Along with this class not having presentations, there is no note taking needed, and no tests! What could possibly be any better? Going to Norton High School where the school hardly has any money, the opportunity to take a course is great! Plus, it saves us students money on posters, markers, glue and other arts and crafts needed to make a project look good because we don't need to buy anything.

The good things about having this class besides no presentations, no note taking, and no tests are that you don't have to deal with other students in person, no fights with the teacher, you get to choose the class that is fun for you and not one you are forced to take as a graduation requirement; there is a class for almost anything. Along with that, you also have a full week (not a school week) to complete the work. A week for VHS runs from Wednesday to Wednesday so you even have the weekend to do more work if you feel you are a little behind; no need to stress and rush to get it all complete.

This class is also a great way to build up students' time management skills and to gain more self motivation and responsibility simply for the fact that you don't have a teacher nagging at you repeatedly that the deadline is almost up; all responsibility is on you. I think every school should have VHS if they don't already! It's great!


Melody Boudreau



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