Timilty Asks Massachusetts to Review Votes on General Court Website

Letter to the editor by State Senator James Timilty.

To the Citizens of the Bristol and Norfolk District;

First and foremost, let me take the opportunity to wish everyone and their families a safe and joy-filled summer season as many of you take some time away with the kids out of school. While you take in well-deserved time at the beach, campground or some of the other beautiful places that the Commonwealth and New England have to offer, the Massachusetts Legislature will be finishing up formal debate for the 2011-2012 legislative session into the late hours of our July 31st deadline.

If you are taking the time to read this note, there is no doubt that you will be following along with the local and regional news as they announce “LEGISLATURE PASSES LANDMARK BILL” or“MIDNIGHT SESSION RESULTS IN REFORM.” When you do so, I ask that you take a few moments and log on to the General Court website (http://www.masenate.gov) to review how my colleagues and I voted on any particular issue or bill. I ask this because all too easily we can allow the partisan rhetoric of the national political scene drive us to assume how our elected officials may have voted.

Over my eight years representing you in the State Senate, I am proud to stand by my legislative accomplishments and voting record. To those of you whom I have met personally, this will come as no surprise that my loyalty, faith, and duty are to you, the citizens of the Bristol and Norfolk district, and not to the political party that I enrolled in at the age of 18. This responsibility to you has brought me to form great working relationships with my former colleague US Senator Scott Brown, with whom I co-authored an editorial on our work for Attleboro, and my current Republican colleagues with whom I join every year in an attempt to roll back the state income tax, return the sales tax to 5%, and establish a sales tax holiday weekend. For me, these are not partisan or bipartisan votes, but rather what is best for the citizens of this district - a goal that continues to be my inspiration.

As the summer winds down and the campaign season moves into full swing, let’s leave the partisan bickering to the talking-heads on cable and the folks in Washington. There will be press releases, door knockers and flyers calling me “just another tax and spend Beacon Hill Democrat,” but I trust you to do your own research on my record and to know better than to take that as gospel. I can’t say that you will agree with every aspect, but I can proudly say that I have worked hard to ensure that my record is 100% mine and not the work of consultants, strategists, party officials, or legislative leadership.

Thank you for your time and for the honor of serving you in the Massachusetts Senate. Over the years I have had the privilege to meet so many of you at the fantastic programs that the 9 towns and 1 city put on for our seniors, families, and young people. As I crisscross the district over the next few months I hope to run into you and hear your ideas for how we can make Massachusetts better for you. In the meantime, should you ever need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at (617) 722-1222 or by email at James.Timilty@MASenate.gov.

With every good wish,

Jim Timilty
State Senator
Bristol and Norfolk


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