Think Before You Litter

Letter to the editor from Norton High student Kendyl Cutler as a journalism assignment.

Dear Editor,

We hear it all the time; don’t litter. It may sound cliché, but it really does need to be enforced. It affects our water and it’s just plain unsanitary. We’ve all heard about what happens when we litter and don’t recycle, but there are some things that people should think about before they litter. All that trash and gunk on the streets eventually ends up in the ocean or other water sources that we use on a daily basis.

The rain picks up all that trash and brings it through a journey in a run-off to larger bodies of water. When that water is polluted, it is still being evaporated and then eventually precipitated onto our belongings. That means, dirty water is raining on our cars, houses, and even us. Tap water is infected with the grossness of pollution and we use it shower, brush our teeth, wash our clothes, and even cook our food in it. We’re technically consuming trash and filth. Quite frankly, it’s disgusting.

Not only is it participating in polluting out waters, but it’s affecting climate change greatly. It’s ruining our the o-zone layer. That layer is supposed to protect us from the sun’s harsh rays. With the rays beating down, climate change is happening. That causes more natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods. Then there is a lot more of that nasty water around us! We should start calling them people disasters now because we are the cause for them happening more frequently now.

If the world is getting hotter, more rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. will get dried up. It would be more difficult to survive without those big bodies of water. If we need it so bad that our lives depend on it, than why do we treat it so badly? We also abuse our need for water. We waste is like it’s not a big deal. Preserve that water people! We may not have enough water some day. What we as people need to do is stop littering, recycle, and use less water. If we don’t, the whole world may be doomed. We would be a lot more dependent on water than we are now.


Kendyl Cutler


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