The Clean Water Crisis

Letter to the editor by NHS student Matthew Sugar.

Dear Editor,

I want to alert readers about the global issue of water. There is an international crisis about the supply of clean water. The continents of Africa and Asia are some of the areas in the midst of this crisis.  Also, if we’re not too careful, we’ll be in a water crisis, also. 

Water resources are dwindling because of various causes. Water is being evaporated by desertification and population growth especially. Desertification is the rapid depletion of plant life caused by overexploitation of grass, which results in deserts forming. Deserts swoop in and eliminate water resources. Overpopulation is simple; the water cannot provide for the growing population in a particular area. In both circumstances, residents of these areas are forced to dig in the ground to find water. Another option is for residents (normally women called “water walkers”) walk for miles to the closet lake, river, etc. These walks are through scorching heat and humidity and are not always proved successful. Sometimes on the road home, these women water walkers are raped and there water is taken from them. Another problem is that the water that residents do manage to find is not properly cleaned. Bacteria in the water are killing people who drink the dirty water. 
The United Nations should do everything in its power to help the countries in trouble with their water supply. First and for most, global citizens should be precaution of the amount of water being wasted daily. Second, governments should invest in methods of finding water and also cleaning it.  

Natural resource supplies are unfortunately overlooked and are assumed to be unlimited. If this trend continues the global source of water will be completely used up. 


Matthew Sugar

Norton High School


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