School to Career Program an Unsung Asset at NHS

Letter to the editor sent by NHS student Morgan Silver for a journalism assignment.

Dear Kelly Mello:

Something in our community that deserves recognition is ’s School to Career program. This program gives me and other students the privilege to gain work experience in careers of our interest. For this particular program it is a course that juniors and seniors get to chose for credits rather than taking alternative regular ones.  The School to Career program allows students to decide if they truly want to work in a particular work field before it is chosen and they dislike it.

Many high school students including myself have no idea what they want to go to college for and that can be very stressful. Throughout a student attending college’s years they tend to switch their majors because they find they like something else, this course will probably help reduce that since people can actually get experience at a job site observing and doing hands-on things. Our School to Career program gives students the advantage to have an idea of what type of career is the most ideal.

Internship is a course that deserves serious recognition. This course prepares students during the time they have class for future jobs as well as giving them experience in the work field. Out of any courses available at Norton High School, this one is the best and most beneficial in my opinion. Due to the fact this program is open at the school I have been able to figure out and now know exactly what I want to go to college for. For any students who are unsure of what they want to become in the future, the School to Career program is strongly recommended.


Morgan Silver


Norton High School Journalism Class


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