Norton Shares Memories, Photos of Angel Pina

Memorial of 12-year-old girl who died in a crash Thursday.

When a child passes away, it has a great impact on the community in which he or she lived. Such is the case in Norton where 12-year-old Angel Pina resided before she died in a .

Angel was a fifth grader at the H.A. Yelle Elementary School and was scheduled to attend Norton Middle School in September. She leaves behind many friends and family including three siblings and her mother, Sandra Ouellette. Angel was described as being a talented athlete who enjoyed cheerleading.

"Angel Pina was a caring, kind hearted member of our junior level 1 team at Cheer Nation,” said Erica Carbonneau, coach of Cheer Nation. “She will be greatly missed. She loved the sport of cheerleading and enjoyed meeting all of the athletes in her new cheer family.”

The news of her death has aroused a flood of sympathy messages on Facebook as friends, family and the rest of the community mourn.

“My daughter cheered with Angel on Cheer Factor Destiny last year,” said Jessie Huard. “She said Angel was the nicest girl on the team and one of the best back spots.”

“Angel was one of my daughter's first friends at Cheer Factor All Stars,” said Tiara Gajoli Trudelle Friday. “Angel was a sweet girl and will be so very miss. Our hearts go out to her parents, grandparents, brothers and baby sister. Too short a time in this world and very difficult to understand. I will pray for Sandra, for a quick recover and send my thoughts and prayers to her grandparents and siblings tonight.”

“Both of my daughters knew her well,” said Karyn Qualter McMahon Friday. “They also said what a sweet girl she was. She came to watch Karlene play softball this past spring just to cheer her friends on! She will be sorely missed. There are lots of tears in our little town today!”

“On July 12, 2012 I lost one of my best friends named Angel Pina,” said Blake Callaway in an email over the weekend. “This was all because of a car crash. When I found this all out, I was in tears. This should not have had to end this way. She did not have to die like she did. She was a really nice friend. She would always be there for me and the rest of her friends. When we all found out that it was her we were all so upset and we didn't know what to do, so i have to say this; R.I.P. Angel Pina, God bless you and your family.”

Counseling will be available for students today from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at , 64 W. Main St., Norton. Cheer Nation, 378 Page St., Stoughton, will also be holding an open tumble Friday, July 20, 6 to 8 p.m. where all donations will be presented to Angel’s family. This Cheer Factor event will also be held 6 to 8 p.m. the same day at 69 E. Belcher Road, Foxborough; 391 W. Water St., Taunton; and 7 to 8 p.m. 145 Webster St., Hanover. 

Memorial service information will be posted when details have been released.

Have a memory of Angel Pina you’d like to share? Please feel free to comment below and upload photos to this article.

Kathleen Romano July 16, 2012 at 03:50 PM
angel was my sisters best friend more like another sister added to our family. she was always happy and smiling. you would never see her down. also angel was one of the nicest kids in norton always was helping everyone that needed help or anyone to talk to. she always brought joy into my day. i'm going to miss angel and all the laughs we had together. she was an angel on earth now shes an angel in heaven. this shouldn't of happened to her at this young age but since her cousin had her baby right after the baby most likely has angels soul. Rest. In. Peace Angel<3 my prayers go out to your family and friends<3 you will be missed!
Jalahn Davis July 16, 2012 at 10:59 PM
This girl was related to me, and I hadn't even realized until my family told me who were very close to her. Even though we never met, R.I.P Angel, you're now an Angel in heaven. I will see u soon <333
Victoria Dalton July 17, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Hi Kathleen, It's Victoria from the grief counselling. Angel will be highly missed. In my head i am thinking that her cousin baby is Angel. Angel is still with us. We can't see her, but she can see us. We see in in out head. We here her in our mind. Please tell Colleen I am here for here, also tell her to stay strong and think of good memories. Rest in peace Angel!!
Kaitlyn Carusone July 17, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Angel lived next door to me she was always smiling you couldn't help but smile when I saw her. Angel was great a person who will be missed deeply. R.I.P ANGEL WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU <3
carmen nogueras July 18, 2012 at 12:40 AM
my son angel r also was a friend of angel they went to school together she was always smiling etc... we will miss u a lot r.i.p angel god bless you
Rachael Cordeiro July 22, 2012 at 02:41 AM
I didn't know Angel at all. But I have friends who did. She I know will be greatly missed. Sorry she's gone.
Emily Tatarczuk July 23, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Angel was a really close friend. When I came to 4th grade I didn't really know alot of people in my class. She was the first person to ask me to sit with her at lunch, and we have been good friends since. I cry every night knowing that she won't be there. RIP Angel my whole heart goes out to u at this moment. I love you AngAng! ❤
Todd mccarthy July 30, 2012 at 06:33 PM
Angel I didn't even no u at all u are a very beautiful girl and I heard u were very nice and sweet when I heard About this my heart dropped u are defaniley in heaven for sure rember even know we never met I love u very much RIP angel
Lolly Wells August 01, 2012 at 12:37 AM
This is just to say I love you my Angel my sweet sweet loving neice
Shannon felicetrucking August 04, 2012 at 10:58 PM
I love u angel and I want u back I'll keep mana safe I promise
abby August 17, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Angel I didn't know you at all but my cousin told me all about you and I've seen pictures of you and you were so pretty :) RIP Angel you will be missed
Kari Briggs January 12, 2013 at 04:23 AM
Dear Angel, You were one of my best friends we have been best friends for 1O years and I will always miss you no matter what you were 2 and I was 3. We met in preschool at expanding horizons. We spent like every weekend together for years and years and years. You were always in a joyful mood no matter what. I will miss you dearly the most out of all your friends bec I have known you the longest. You were like a sister to me and your brother are like brothers and Ava I'm I love her. Sandy and Brian and nana and papa are like my second family. I just hate that your gone and seeing all of them just makes me sad. Ur I have to stay strong for them no matter what. We had so many good times together bec we spent like every waking moment together. I miss all of that. I remember when we went water tubing and we were all jumping I the water off the side of the boat. I miss all the good times we had. Love you and miss you. Love you forever and always<3 R.I.P Babe April 20, 2000 - July 12, 2012 ~ yolo ~ ~ Kari Briggs
starr scott June 01, 2013 at 02:20 PM
angel even though we had up and downs u were always one of my sisters we lived right out back of me people that know u like sadie kari shannon niki olivia janet all of us but their are still more u were all of our sisters i feel like its a dream but its not it is a nightmare that u are gone love u always xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo starr


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