Landfill Conditions Should be Documented

Letter to the editor from Heather Graf.

In the September 12, 2012 Sun Chronicle article titled: ‘Wrangling Over Landfill Fight’, I take issue with one paragraph:

“The material (which EndCap proposes to haul in) is considered slightly contaminated, but is not nearly as contaminated as what is already in the dump, and is a threat to leach into groundwater if the dump is not capped, according to DEP.” If that is the case, MassDEP needs to document it in writing.

 While there is indeed paperwork listing the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): including dangerous carcinogenic chemicals in the ‘Phase A’ Mound, and US EPA has documented that there is leaching from the ALI ‘Phase A’ Mound into the Shpack Superfund Site, that portion of ALI has been capped and certified by DEP.

 EndCap’s One Million, Two Hundred Thousand Tons of additional ‘Slightly’ Contaminated (by their own admission) Debris would be piled onto what appears to be a low and level, relatively benign 10 acre parcel of overgrown wetlands.

 On September 12th, I e-mailed an urgent letter to MassDEP, requesting that the Department immediately clarify conditions at the ALI ‘Phase B’ Parcel – including: What specific types of materials were dumped there, when and by whom, the volume of foreign materials, and the current elevation of the site. What dangerous substances has DEP detected in this ‘Phase B’ portion of the landfill, and what evidence is there of any contaminants leaching from this Site into groundwater?

This critical information should have been included in the Department’s ‘Site History’. And these questions need to be answered in writing by DEP before any further speculation becomes the basis for conclusions on EndCap’s Proposal. What exactly needs fixing in the ‘Phase B’ Site, other than application of a minimum clean cap?

 For the record: The position of our ‘Citizens Advisory Shpack Team’ is that there are no longer concessions the Project Proponent can offer that will satisfy us. In 2012, the representative for EndCap has lied on more than one occasion.

CAST will not deal (on any level) with parties which have proven to be untrustworthy.

If EndCap continues to pursue this ALI Dumping Project, we have 100 sign frames, donors to defray the cost of production, supporters who have volunteered their yards, and a message: ‘No Incoming Haz Mats’.


Heather Graf, Coordinator

‘Citizens Advisory Shpack Team’

Linda Davis September 21, 2012 at 06:47 PM
I don't think they will be able to tell yo when and who dumped things there. I remember as a child bring things to that dump with my parents and grandparents. It was used by hundreds prob thousands of people to dump trash when the town didn't have a curbside pick up.
Heather Graf September 26, 2012 at 09:11 AM
Linda, I believe you are referring to the main portion of Attleboro Landfill off Peckham St., not the smaller parcel to the rear of the Mound, which backs up to Slater and Maple Streets. This 'Phase B' Rear Site (that did not see active use as a dump) is the area that EndCap Technology proposes to dump 650,000 cubic yards of 'slightly contaminated' debris. The actual 'capping' would only require 30,000 cubic yards of clean materials. Suggesting that this foul plan would protect groundwater is absurd. But before any such discussion ensued: MassDEP should have documented what was in the 'Phase B' Site. And for the record: we do know exactly what carcinogenic chemicals are in the ALI 'Phase A Mound' off Peckham Street, and that there is leaching from this 110 foot high monstrosity. That has been documented. Between the Attleboro Landfill 'Phase A Mound' and ALI 'Phase B' Rear Parcel, plus the adjacent former Shpack Dump (now Superfund Site) it becomes a hash of dumps that really need to be differentiated.


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