Horace Mello Thanks Norton Voters

Letter to the editor from Horace A. C. Mello who was voted in the Republican State Committee.

I just wanted to take this time to express my gratitude towards all those who helped me on Super Tuesday and the voters who elected me to represent them in the Republican State Committee. I would like to ensure those who voted for me that I do not take this assignment lightly and will do my best to be easily accessible to my constituents and hold true to what I talked about on the campaign trail. We have a lot of work to do as Republicans and I look forward to rolling up my sleeves with others to gain more ground in the State House and other local offices to help bring some balance to Massachusetts. I cannot express enough, however, how important it is to our Republic (not Democracy!) that participation is key to ensuring these Republican victories in the future. As a young man at 23, I am doing what I can to guarantee that I grow up and raise a family in a country and in a state where the American dream is alive and well and not a far off distant memory. If anything, I hope to inspire others to get involved in the process to make certain that dream is not just that, a dream, but a reality.

Horace A. C. Mello

W. Hodges Street


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