Get Out There and Vote

Letter to the editor by Steven Wiseman.

In addition to urging every voter to exercise your basic right, there are that seek to take away your right to elect the Officials that serve you.    I will address the Water and Sewer Commissioners and the Superintendent of these Departments as I have experience in this position and understand the importance of the Office.  The Commissioners are charged with setting the rates of those connected to the systems, insuring the availability of safe drinking water and providing a system of disposal for the waste.

Approximately one half of the households in the Town have failing or failed septic systems.  With the lack of proper drainage soils and mandated disposal regulations, the need for public sewers grows daily.  We are working with surrounding towns to expand the regional sewer treatment facility which will allow expansion of our sewer infrastructure to allow more homeowners and businesses to connect.  This is vital for industrial expansion and a broadening of the tax base. 

We are in the planning stage of a water treatment facility to eliminate the “rusty” water and insuring that emergency connections are in place with other municipalities to provide uninterrupted service.

The Charter change ballot questions ask you make the Commissioners appointed and act as advisers to the Board of Selectmen.  They also ask to make the superintendent a position under the Town Manager and not the Commissioners.  We believe you should have control of these departments not the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager.  Please exercise your right to vote and to maintain this right of representation.

Please vote no on questions one and two.

Steven Wiseman,

Water/Sewer Commissioner

Trot Nixon April 12, 2012 at 01:22 PM
Why are you asking for a Vote No on Question 1? I thought the Water/Sewer commission vote was question 2?
Bill Gouveia April 12, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Voting Yes on the change gives us more control, not less. It means better opportunities for better management. Most if not all the current water commissioners first got on the board by being appointed. Most of them have subsequently run unopposed. Don't be fooled - this is about accountability and better service for Norton residents if we vote Yes.


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